Monday, March 12, 2007

Explaination #3

Note: This is an expansion of my Thursday Thirteen post: I will try to explain all of the items listed because so many people said that they'd love to hear the reasons behind some of those quotes!

We're out of water again!

Creekistan does not have city, county, or township water. There is no municipal water service this far up our road.

We have to get our own water and store it in our cistern. So if we run out of water, it's our own fault.

We have found a great old well on the property. One of those old kinds of wells where someone dug deep into the ground and found a source of water, put bricks up the wall, and probably lowered a bucket on a long rope to get their water. And this is where we get our water now--pure, untreated, and sometimes unreliable.

Yes, we will run out of water, sometimes when you least want it to run out: while taking a shower, after going to the bathroom, or while washing dishes.

We just lower a pump attached to a hose into the well, run the hose across the street and into our cistern. If it rained recently, we'll fill up the 100+ gallon tank and we'll be flowing again.

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