Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #48

My birthday was Monday. (Yep, Happy Birthday To Me!) Since then, I’ve been thinking about things I still haven’t done in my life.

13 Things I Gotta Do Before I Die

  1. Finish a Bachelors Degree.Now the cat is out of the bag! I have an Associates Degree. It’s been purely on my knowledge and experience that has gotten me this far. But that piece of paper would be nice! Besides, since my husband teaches at a university, I can go to school for free!

  2. Go to Disney World. I feel like the only one on Earth who hasn’t gone to Florida. Of course I’d take my kids. I might have to leave my husband behind, since he’s a big grump who’ll complain about how everything is too Disney. So?!?!?!

  3. Learn how to knit something. I have been known to crochet, but the knitting thing has me stumped.

  4. Go on a cruise. I’m a little bit stuffy when it comes to travel, so it would have to be a more expensive cruise with not too much riff-raff.

  5. Visit Yellowstone National Park. It just sounds really interesting.

  6. Write some children’s books. I have a couple of great ideas and I would like the time to develop them and get them illustrated and published.

  7. Finish my house in Creekistan. Hopefully it would get done before I die, but I wonder sometimes!

  8. Act in a movie or on stage. I did a little in high school, but I’d love to have the opportunity again. Any casting calls? Let my agent know!

  9. Go horseback riding again. This is something else I’ve done as a kid, but I haven’t done it in a long time. I would love to have “full reigns” of the horse—not one of those tourist trails where the horse just follows the leader and could do the trail in its sleep.

  10. Learn to make jewelry. I have some great ideas, but I would also just like to make my own.

  11. Create a piece of art that someone actually wants to buy. Or at least have it hanging in a gallery for a while. But first, I’d have to create it.

  12. Go swimming with dolphins. Sounds like quite a rush.

  13. Go back to Europe and see more. I want to spend more time at the Louvre, see Pompeii in Italy, visit some haunted places in London, tour Ann Franks house in Amsterdam, and all the other major museums.


Beckadoodles said...

Yippie I'm first!

Great list!
We've got a lot in common!
Oh and Swimming with Dolphins is a must!! I did it last year when we lived in Hawaii...greatest thing ever!!

Anonymous said...

This list is great! If you can go to college for free..GO! I never realized how expensive it was...until now(working on my masters)
I want to write a children's book too. But everytime I sit to write my mind goes blank.
Knitting isn't so hard. I was bored over christmas break and got the HOW TO KNIT FOR DUMMIES book and it teaches you how to do it really fast. I can't really make anything other than a scarf (still in progress) but it is fun. :)

Tracy S said...

I LOVE Disney World... You MUST go... You will have a blast. You can;t help but become a kid in that place. It is awesome.

Happy TT

Anonymous said...

Swimming with the dolphins...sound wonderful. We have been investigating an organization in Florida that has a program for special needs kids (and adults?) where they do swim and have therapy with the dolphins. If we get our son into that I will be SO jealous! Good luck on meeting all of your can do it! :)

Anonymous said...

Don't want to knit on a cruise to Disneyworld or go to school, but the Louvre and dolphins sound cool. I also must see the Northern Lights.

Marie said...

Great T13 list for this week!!! everything in your list are achievable!!! so good luck!!! blog it when you've achieved all that & i'll be so happy to read!!! ciao!

kuanyin333 said...

Hey, on Maui you can swim with wild dolphins! :-) Happy TT!

Christie O. said...

ooh i've got two words: royal caribbean. that is my favorite cruiseline and i've been 3 times and am sweating till the next one. you will love it! i swear! by the way, your life-to-do-list looks a heck of a lot like mine. happy birthday, and happy tt!!


Where would you cruise to?

Mitchypoo said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I have been to Florida but not to Disney World, it's on my list too. And I'd gladly teach you to knit. It's NOT difficult. My TT is up, 13 things Mitchypoo has knit or created, come by if you get the chance.

Durward Discussion said...

Kindred Spirit,

Many of those are on my to do or go do again list. Thanks for the reminders.

D.R. Cootey said...

Nos. 1 & 6 are excellent goals. I hope to get them done before I die as well. I've written a children's book and will be sending it out into the world next week. In the meantime, I may have to wait for my kids to get older before I am able to return to school and finish my degree. Boy, that bugs me I couldn't finish years ago...

Nice list. My TT