Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Explanation #2

Great, the dog found another frozen mole. Good dog!

Our dog, Bandit, is now one year old. At least we think so, since we’re not sure of his actual birthday. We’ve decided to make it Valentines Day.

This is his first winter in Creekistan, as well as his first winter ever. He did really well staying warm and enjoying himself. We suspect that on the coldest of nights, he made his way into the abandoned Bee House and kept warm among the old clothes. We’re pretty sure because he keeps dragging articles of clothing onto our front porch--shirts, jackets, pants, shoes, and long underwear.

He’s kept himself busy by digging for moles. We know this because he brings them onto our front porch too! They are frozen and dead. But he likes them anyway.

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Missy Sue said...

ROFL, that sounds like my beast! Bandit is a cutie!