Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Interpret This!

Last night, I had a strange dream. Any help interpreting it would be greatly appreciated!

I dreamt that I was back working at a company that I worked for several years ago. The place had been remodeled and barely resembled what it was when I left. But I could still tell that it was the same place. (Have I lost you yet?)

We were having a department “game,” or meeting, or team-building exercise that was facilitated by an outside company. This outside company was made up of non-violent criminals that were still in prison, but were allowed to travel to help facilitate these training sessions. After a while of being uncomfortable with these prisoners, I realized that I knew one of them! I used to work with him at this company. He was in prison for doing some kind of illegal pornography. His crime also involved him being naked. I think his name was Tony, but I don’t remember working with a Tony.

Anyway, the dream could be a result of stumbling across following picture yesterday. I mean, who wouldn’t find this traumatic?

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MaR said...

LOL, that's definetely a side effect of such a traumatic vision, you might be needing more blog therapy...!
visiting from Frances', have a nice day!