Monday, December 11, 2006

Poison or Plastic?

I have never had a live Christmas tree. As a young child, I remember helping my father sort through the branches of our plastic tree. As I moved onto my own, I acquired used Christmas trees. Some better then others.

Our plastic tree was being stored under the house. That’s where our dog, Bandit, found it. I noticed him playing with a branch about a month ago. So much for our old plastic Christmas tree. Perhaps this would be the opportunity I’ve been waiting for! I could get a real tree.

You would think that by living out in a forest we could have an abundance of free Christmas trees just waiting to fulfill their holiday destiny. But we live in a deciduous forest—one that does not feature many conifers (pine trees). And after some discussion, it was decided to buy another plastic tree.

Right now, in my unfinished living room, I have they typical Wal*Mart, pre-lit Christmas tree. $29.95. The kids love it. It was hassle-free.

My friend, Aimee the Red, got a live tree grown by her Aunt. She said it was beautiful and she paid very little for it. At least, she paid little for the tree. Unknown to her at the time that she lovingly decorated it, it had poison ivy. The next day, she started itching. Now the rash has spread all over her body and even around her eyes. She has to get a shot to stop the spread of the rash.

Her cat has knocked over the tree. No one wants to set it back up again.

My $30 plastic tree doesn’t look so bad right now!

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Karen said...

I truely feel sorry for your friend but I must admit it is a sad and funny story