Friday, December 22, 2006

Deer Hunting Season

This is the first year I’ve really paid attention to hunters and deer hunting. Last year, all I knew that during the week of deer hunting season, we shouldn’t go for walks in the woods and, if we were to go out, wear a bright orange vest or hat.

This year, I learned a lot about hunting deer. Mainly because my husband gave it a shot. (Excuse the pun.)

  • A hunter should legally get a hunting license before going out.

  • If you kill a deer, you need to take it to a “deer check station” and have it “tagged”. I guess this is to keep track of how many deer are killed as well as evaluate their health.

  • Hunters are limited to the number that they are allowed to kill.

  • A lot of people hunt without a license and don’t check the deer. But I don’t know any! ;-)

  • Hunters need to wear the bright orange color as either a coat, vest, or hat. That way they don’t get shot by another eager hunter.

  • Hunters can’t shoot from their car.

  • Deer have excellent noses, so hunters should reduce their “scent imprint.” They can spray themselves with deer urine (available at Wal*Mart), shower with peanut butter, wash their clothes with special soap, and keep their clothes outside.

  • The best time to hunt is at dawn or dusk. The deer sleep during the day.

  • My dog loves the “deer corn” that hunters put out as bait. It makes him throw up all over my porch!

  • My dog also loves to get the “pieces” of deer left in the woods by hunters who field dress their kill. This morning, I found him carrying a deer leg.

  • During hunting season, deer run around in fear of everything. They especially like to run in front of cars.

  • Deer (venison) tastes good.

No, my husband didn’t get a deer this year, but we had ½ a deer given to us by a friend. Maybe we’ll get one next year!

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