Friday, December 29, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #39

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A recap of Thursday Thirteen’s of the past.
My 13 Favorite Thursday 13 Posts
At least those written by myself.

  1. 13 Things That Made This Morning Suck - [link] - My front tire was flat. At least it happened at home and not down the road in the middle of the forest.

  2. Parts of My Body That Have Been Altered or Fixed – [link] - Nose – My Boy, aka Wreckingball Head, caused damage to my nose. So I had to have surgery to correct my deviated septum. After a weeks worth of uncomfortable stuff up my nose, I can breathe a lot easier.

  3. My Favorite 13 Spooky Things – [link] - Surveillance Video Ghost - A surveillance video shows a ghostly object flowing around a car impound lot. After seeing the video on the news, a widower thought that this was the ghost of his wife who had died in one of those cars.

  4. 13 Muppets in Order of Trustworthiness [link] - Bert – Put aside all the “Bert is Evil” negative propaganda, , Bert is a nice guy who makes a great roommate to Ernie. With all that he has to put up with, I’m amazed that he still has a good sense of humor. Although I suspect he votes Republican, anyone who loves pigeons is a good guy in my book.

  5. 13 Silly Names I Have for Everyday Things [link] - P.R.F.I. = Poop-Related Fart Incident.

  6. 13 People I Hope to Meet in the Café at the End of Time [link] - Mark Twain– Who wouldn’t want him at their party? This is a guy who wrote great books, gave wonder speeches, and hung out with the likes of Nikola Tesla.

  7. 13 Songs I wish I never heard [link] - We Built This City - Starship (or Jefferson Airplane, or whoever).

  8. My Favorite Hoaxes [link] - Bert is Evil - Bert, the Sesame Street muppet, appears on posters carried by supporters of Osama bin Laden. Actually, the joke was on someone in Bangladesh who was looking for pictures of Osama and found this one with Bert. He actually USED this image on thousands of posters that were used in demonstrations. Pictures of the demonstrations were carried by credible news agencies. You go Bert!

  9. 13 Potential Thursday 13 Topics – Help Me Decide What’s Next! [link] 13 things that chocolate is not good on. – For example: Tailpipe hitch. (I still haven’t done that topic, yet.)

  10. 13 Things Written On The Walls In My Creekistan Home. [link]Divide your flatulence into two partials and you will find great satisfaction.

  11. 13 Things On, Under or Near My Desk At Work [link] - Turd - I don't know what else to call it. It's a piece off of a sculpture a friend was making. It looks like an abstract, polished turd pile.

  12. 13 Things, Good and Bad, About Going Out and Drinking With Aimee the Red: [link] - Bad: Transformers Dude left the bar without paying his tab. We’ll just have to send Optimus Prime after him.

  13. 13 Favorite Palindromes. [link] - Oh no! Don Ho!

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Anonymous said...

Did you know that the word fart isn't in the Scrabble dictionary?!

My neice had a husband who looked like Bert. Some think he cheated on her.

I actually think I commented on songs you wished you never heard. I think I said "Jeremiah was a Bullfrog." I hated when they played it at weddings thinking it was a hip song to play.

I'm playing without socks.

Chickadee said...

I don't like "We Built This City" song either. I think they overplayed it back in the day.

My 13 are up.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Wow. I haven't even been TTing for thirteen editions! Love the Muppets; they are my all-time favorites.

Nature Girl said...

This was a FAB idea for a TT. When I first clicked on this link, I didn't think I had ever visited your blog before, but then I recognized at least 2 of these posts. I'll try to come back later and read them, they sound like a fun read. Great TT, I played too.

Raggedy said...

Good list!
Wonderful idea for a thirteen
Have a great Thursday!
My TT is posted

Frances D said...

Cool List. I'm imagining all those people carrying the Bert posters - wild.
Take care,
PS Now you got me thinking how many TTs I've done so far. I haven't kept track.

Unknown said...

Poor Burt. He's gotten a bad wrap over the years. I love your TT and you have some awesome lists. :)

tiggerprr said...

I loved the Muppet list!! Poor Beaker, totally left off. :( LOL

Amy Ruttan said...

Great lists. The Ghost thing was spooky!

Happy TT!

Thanks for dropping by mine!

Chelle Y. said...

I could never do a post like this because I am too lazy to go look everything up! :)

JAM said...

This is cool! This is a gold mine of T13 ideas. I have more trouble with my T13 posts than any other. Hope you don't have these copyrighted. Great list!