Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Resolutions Review for 2007

Here are the resolutions I made for 2007 and a brief follow up of how I did:

  • Eat less junk food. I guess I’ll try to bring food into work so that I am less tempted to go out and grab something. | Well, I did pretty good with this since I no longer have a job and stay home, miles away from the nearest fast food restaurant.
  • Read more. Okay, perhaps I should say that in the last year, I haven’t read at all! The occasional book-on-tape is how I’ve been surviving. But I do hope that the 7th and last Harry Potter book comes out this year. | Reading is something that eludes me. No, I didn't get to read more in 2007. The Harry Potter book is the only book I recall actually reading from cover to cover.
  • Potty train my daughter. No more diapers! | Yeah, Baby! Except for the night, we are diaper free!
  • Find a babysitter. This way, I can do resolution #6. | I did find someone who can watch the kids! Yeah!
  • Plant and take care of a bigger and better garden. Perhaps I’ll even have corn this year! | Bigger, yes. Better, not really. But I have my seed catalogs for this year and I have a tiller, so we'll see!
  • Finish the kitchen. This will involve painting and putting up a backspash around the stove and sink. It’s not a huge project, but it will disturb things for a while. | Not at all.
  • Have more parties at home. We enjoy entertaining. Why not invite more people to come by? Okay, so the house isn’t done and the living room still has pieces of old wallpaper hanging down from the wall. But the floor is down and there’s plenty of room to dance! | We did entertain more, especially around Christmas and New Year. And we've had more people just stop by!
  • Blog more often. Sometimes I think if it wasn’t for Thursday 13, my blog would be empty. | Not really.
  • Take more pictures. With a digital camera, there is no excuse for not taking pictures. I’ll need a big memory card, but that shouldn’t be too difficult. | Yes! But my camera won't work with a memory card, so I have to upload often.
  • Enter something into the county fair. I don’t know what, yet. But I could try entering a piece of artwork or a photo, or even a pie. | Yes! I have two blue ribbons to prove it! Next year, I'll enter even more!

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Janet said...

That's great that you did so many of them! Here's to 2008 ;-)