Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #74

Thursday Thirteen Header Graphic - Christmas13 Items from Fiction That I Would Like for Christmas

1. There is a lot from the Harry Potter books that I would like, so I'm only going to limit myself to a few. The first item I would like is my own House Elf. Just think how much help it would be with the cooking and cleaning!

2. From "Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles," I would like the Jolly Boat. This beautiful boat is powered by laughter and comes with a special "fountain" that will make whatever ice cream treat you want.

3. How about a seasons pass to visit Willie Wanka's Chocolate Factory whenever I want?

4. The flying car that Harry and Ron borrowed from Ron's dad and flew to Hogwarts? But I'd want it before it became feral in the Forbidden Forest.

5. I would like to get Bilbo's sword, Sting. I'm sure the fact that it glows when orcs are nearby would come in handy here in Creekistan.

6. From Star Trek, I'd love to get a Replicator. Be handy in the kitchen: "Cafe Mocha, please!"

7. Also from Star Trek, a Transporter. Would be great to get everyone to school on time, and it would save on gas and wear and tear on the flying car.

8. An Ewok. They're just cute and they would love living here in the forest.

9. The Time Machine from H.G. Wells. Just for quick trips into the past or future. I'd try not to step on a moth.

10. There are a lot of robots I'd like, but I guess my pick would be C2PO or other protocol droid. Handy at helping with guests, but also good at diagnosing problems with the other gadgets around the house.

11. Batman's self-driving car. I'd never have to worry about where I parked again--just speak into my communication watch and tell the car to come get me. But when my kids get old enough to drive, I'd have to program an override so they couldn't borrow it. Perhaps I'll let them use the flying car.

12. A Halodeck. I wouldn't have to leave home to go on vacation. I could make up my own environment and do role-playing. Everyone in the family would love it!

13. Lastly, I would like "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." Not only would it be a wealth of information, but its take on things are refreshing. I'd have to help write the portion about humans on Earth.


Unknown said...

Yes a House Elf would be nice, especially if it will clean the bathroom for me. I loved your list very clever....I would like a replicator and transporter myself as well, and a visit with Jean Luc Picard.
Nice T13, I will be visiting your blog more.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea, I will carry it over to the New Year!

Happy Holidays.

pussreboots said...

Having a house elf would be too much like having Elmo on staff. No thanks! Happy TT.

Janet said...

I'll take a house elf, a replicator, a transporter and a holodeck, please!

hehehe you said "Wanka" ;-)

Nicholas said...

I was reading your list wondering if you'd mention Hitchhikeer's! That's what I'd want too. And, of course, a towel!

Anonymous said...

That is an INCREDIBLY great idea for a T13. I love the list AND the idea. Nice change from the usual list one sees this time of year. 13 Extraordinary Winter scenes

I just want my own wand and the capacity to work spells. That's all!

JoAnn said...

I love your list. What a creative idea! Mind if I steal it (I'd link back to you for the idea of course)? : )

colleen said...

I've always wanted just a little taste of the toffee that the Ice Queen gave Edmond in Narnia to make him her slave.

Zenmomma said...

The invisibility cloak from HP for sure!