Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #75

The "Bodies" exhibit is coming to my area next month and I'm excited. The exhibit, controversial because of how they obtained the bodies and how they display the bodies, is a great way to actually see inside the body, including organs, the skeletal, muscular, and vascular systems as they really are.

But I'd like to have an exhibit that's even more controversial and probably will outrage even more people then the Bodies exhibit: Critters, featuring the bodies of animals posed like you've never seen them before!

13 Items in my Critters Exhibit

1. The muscular system of a cat, ready to pounce on the muscular system of a mouse.

2. The internal organs of a raccoon reaching into a garbage can.

3. The vascular system of a monkey wearing a fez, leached to a rolling calliope and posed in mid-dance. The calliope must play music.

4. The muscular system of a turkey, sitting on a platter at a Thanksgiving dinner. (Actually, this may just look like dinner, but actually, the turkey would not be cooked.) Leave the head on with an expression of surprise.

5. The skeletal system of a snake which had just eaten the skeletal system of a mole.

6. The vascular systems of horses running a race.

7. The internal organs of a pig rolling in the mud.

8. Show the internal organs of a doe lovingly nudging a newborn fawn.

9. My exhibit must include a nice display of the very delicate skeletal systems of various birds eating at a bird feeder. Perhaps include it inside an aviary with real-live birds!

10, Include, in the above exhibit, the muscular system of a squirrel trying to steal birdseed.

11. The vascular system of a bat, hanging upside down.

12. Recreate, by using just the muscular system, the inspirational poster of the kitten hanging on to a rope with the saying "Hang In There!".

13. The central piece of the exhibit (and perhaps most controversial) will feature the various systems of the body and would recreate the famous painting of dogs sitting around a table playing cards.


Unknown said...

Oh you made me laugh..Best I have read all day

Samantha_K said...

OMG, I love you.

This was killing me. (And since I am now dead, feel free to use my various internal organs for a future display.)


Anonymous said...

Oh, so it's a science exhibit and not an art one. It reminded me of the Century Project I saw a few years back, a photo art exhibit of women of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds in the nude, including statements made by them.

Did you check out the link to the two unlikely friends? It's a crow and a cat who have bonded to each ther and hang out together. Very weird.

Zenmomma said...

That last one made me chuckle out loud. :-D

cindy kay said...

I want to see that exhibit! (Especially #5.)

Unknown said...

A twisted soul, I like you, I really like you!!!!

Loved it...
Mine is up:

pussreboots said...

How very 1800s but with more kitsch. I'd go to see your exhibit. Happy TT.

Janet said...

LOL you're a riot :)

Cinnamon Girl said...

HAH! Happy TT =)