Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Bluegrass Roots are Showing

When I first looked at the house we are now living in, it was strewn with junk everywhere. The house had been abandoned for a couple of years, and we suspect that local youth had used it for parties. Whoever lived here left a lot of stuff and even some furniture. One of the items was an award something like, "Bob Evans Farm Guitar" award. It was a plaque.

I heard, from the old couple that sometimes deliver water for us, one of the guys that used to live here played Bluegrass. I know his name (which I won't reveal here) because I get some of his mail. Yesterday, I got some of his mail--a tax document from Nashville.

Seems Mr. Bluegrass, formerly from Creekistan, is a Grammy-award winning Bluegrass guitar player!

I'll send the tax document where I've written: "Return to Sender - Address Unknown."

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Janet said...

ooh...keep that plaque!