Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sirius - The Black Dog

Anyone familiar with Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban will know that Sirius Black can change into an enormous black dog. For a while, Harry thought that the black dog he kept glimpsing was a dark omen called The Grimm. Come to find out, it was his godfather who wanted to save Harry and avenge the death of Harry's parents.

We were watching the movie Saturday afternoon, while the baby was sleeping. We've seen the movie a hundred times. I decided to go downstairs. I heard, out the window, some strange noises. So I opened the front door. A big black dog greeted me. Bandit, our puppy, was playing with this dog. But I thought it was ironic that he should show up while we're watching Azkaban.

So I played a trick on my son: I called him downstairs, opened the door, and said, "It's the Grimm!"

We can't have another dog, especially an adult dog of unknown temperament.

Our friends said that people tend to dump their unwanted dogs where we live. They throw them out of the car and speed off. This dog did not have any ID, but he did have a flea collar. He was nice enough, but very submissive. Not good for a "farm" dog.

He's not around anymore. Thank goodness, because I'd hate to call the dog catcher to come get him. Or, as in Harry Potter, the dementors captured him and took him back to Azkaban. I guess Sirius is off on another great adventure.

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Janet said...

Sirius was just checkin' around for some spare food at your house...he was sick of the chicken bones and rats :-)