Friday, March 24, 2006

Exhumation of the "Dead Body" - Your Opinion Matters!

The defination of Exhumation is:

1. Dig up a body – to dig up a corpse from a grave

2. Reintroduce something – to reveal, reestablish, or refer again to something long forgotton or neglected.

If you all haven't read all of my blog, you may not be familiar to the mysterious mound on my property. Read my initial post here: http://

I would like to solicit comments and suggestions on what I should do about this. The weather is getting better. Perhaps it's time to do a little CSI and unravel this mystery!


Anonymous said...

Since you asked for comments . . .

If you are going to dig into that mound, by all means keep quiet about it!!!!! If it really is a burial mound or grave, then it would be a federal felony to disturb it. I have some similar mounds on my woods in the Ozarks and the state archeologist told me that even if they were burial mounds, it was unlikely I would find anything. The oak leaves that have fallen and the limestone rocks used to make the mounds combined with hundreds of years of rainwater would have produced a sufficiently acidic seepage that would have dissolved anything in there, including bone.

You might try borrowing a metal detector and sweeping the mound to see if it gives you any interesting beeps. (Such a device would be fun to use throughout your land actually. Who knows what you might turn up.)

That's just my two cents, but I'll keep coming back to your blog since its and interesting one.

Amy The Black said...

Great idea about the metal detector. I'm going to try that.

Leslie said...

Pablo raises good points. Do this under darkest cover of blackest night.

I'm in much the same boat as you (not mound wise, though!). Escaped the city last summer and living in a home with lots of "potential". Just discovered your blog and am heartily looking forward to more reading.