Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Frequently Asked Questions about Creekistan

Q: Do you have running water?
A: Yes, we do now. We have a full bath with toilet, shower, and sink. We also can do dishes.
Further details: We do not have city/county water. We have to obtain water by whatever means necessary and store it in a large cistern buried in our yard. We recently re-awakened a well and pump water out of that well into the cistern. We lower the pump, with a hose attached, into the well. Then run hose across the street and across our yard into the cistern. We have to do this every 3 weeks or so. The water from the well is fine, but we don't drink the water.
More details then you ever want to know: Getting water into the house was easy. Getting it out was more difficult. "Gray" water is the kind of water that comes out of the tub and sinks. That water drains into a garbage can that we sunk into the ground, and eventually filters out into the ground. The previous owners ran the water directly into the creek. Not nice. "Brown" water is the water from the toilet. It goes into a septic tank. More info here:

Q: How do you cook?
A: I'm not a bad cook, I must say. Actually, we have a full kitchen that is better then any we had in the city, except for not having a dishwasher and garbage disposal. We have propane gas (as Hank Hill would say, "Propane is God's gas.")

Q: Do you watch TV?
A: Nope. We can't really get any channels. During the winter Olympics, we managed to get a viewable image, but it didn't last long. We can't get cable, so satellite is the only thing we could get. But right now we are in no hurry to get TV because we've managed to wean ourselves away from it. Instead, we watch videos from Netflix (see our Rental Queue on the right hand?) We also play games, listen to music, go for walks, read, and just plain get goofy.

Q: If you don't watch TV, how do you know what's happening in the world?
A: I read the news on the Internet, and I listen to the news on NPR This way, I still get the real news without all the Hollywood hype.

Any other questions? Just post a comment and I'll respond!

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