Monday, March 13, 2006

Waiting Room

One of the adjustments I'm having to make is the fact that there isn't a lot of choice in doctors in this area. I've had to just ask around about some doctors. Others, I didn't have a choice. For my primary physician, I chose the first one on the list: A. Adams. Actually, he turned out to be pretty good.

Friday, I was visiting my OB/GYN. They're nice there. But I do have to wait a lot. I guess with only a few doctors in the area, they have to see a lot of patients.

While going back to my exam room, we ran into an older lady with a Poodle puppy. All jokes aside, the lady's Poodle was rather cute. It reminded me of my childhood dog. We stopped to pet it, and then continued to the exam room.

I sat for a while, thumbing through Country Living magazine and Homes and Gardens. I was beginning to wonder if I'd been forgotten, when I decided to listen to see if the doctor was near.

What I heard told me right away why I was waiting so long: the stupid lady with the Poodle was distracting everyone in the office. They were all cooing and awing at the little dog. They were saying how cute it was and petting it.

Yes, at a OB/GYN office, all the nurses were petting a old lady's Poodle.

I even heard the comment: "We don't even get this excited about a new baby!"

Don't worry. I did eventually get to see the doctor. But I didn't have a cute little poodle for them to look at.

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