Thursday, January 19, 2006

Dead Person Buried on our Land?

At one time, there was a house on our property across the street of our house. We have purchased that property too, but only because we want to preserve it. Apparently, the house burned down when someone put coal in the wood-burning stove. A big no-no.

You can't really tell where the house was--it's all gone, except for a caved-in root cellar and outhouse. Yes--an outhouse. The cute kind with a moon on the door. Except for this one is too old to use.

I guess back in those days they weren’t all that concerned about littering or recycling, because they just tossed their glass out behind the outhouse. This is what I refer to as the "debris field."

Past the debris field, there is a suspicious mound. A mound of dirt about the size of a body. It looks man-made. Nothing is growing out of it. There are no other mounds around.

My imagination is going wild. Is it a dead body? Is it buried treasure? Is it a dormant volcano? I don't know. But my husband is going to dig it up someday just so that I would stop talking about the dead body across the street.

I hope it's buried treasure. I’ll let you know when I find out!

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