Thursday, May 01, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #87

13 Things I, Bandit the Dog, Like About Creekistan

1. My big cushion on the front porch. Yeah, it used to be an archery target, but I like to lay on it.

2. People bring me bones. I especially like hog bones.

3. Chasing cars. I love to chase the UPS guy.

4. Tricking my masters by barking at nothing and making them come outside to investigate.

5. Playing with the children. They can't catch me.

6. Getting deer parts from the forest. I love to bring deer legs home to sit on my cushion and nibble on them.

7. Barking at cars that park up the street. Why do they stop there?

8. Coming into the house to clean up food spills. Thanks, kids!

9. Drinking out of puddles.

10. Trying to chase and catch rabbits. I got one, once. Yummy!

11. Protecting my family from those guys that come and take our garbage every Thursday.

12. Did I mention that I like to bark at anything?

13. Getting let into the house on cold winter nights and sleeping on a pile of dirty laundry.


Neen said...

Love the prespective you took here.

Denise Patrick said...

Well, Bandit, except for the incessant barking, I'd let you come for a visit. But, you'd have to tone it down. I live in a quiet neighborhood - except for the two collies next door!

Happy TT!

Robyn Jones said...

we just got rid of both of our was a chihuahua and the other was a shitzu...neither were good with our baby. I still miss them...especially the shitzu, we had him eight years...

Thanks for visiting our blog by the way...come back any time.

Anonymous said...

Your dog is funny and speaks English well. What would my dog say?

Cinnamon Girl said...

13 made me laugh. That is one smart dog!