Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Countdown to Harry Potter #7

I've been marking time this week, waiting until midnight Friday for the book release. I feel like a kid at Christmas. We're going to a bookstore party on Friday and will be dressed in our best wizarding robes. My husband will have the book read in a day, and it will take me a week or two to finish. It will take even longer for my children to finish it because we'll have to read it out-loud or find the book on CD. I do have a librarian friend who might be able to hook me up.

At least we had some excitement today: a quick and nasty thunderstorm passed over us, knocking down a big branch from a tree right onto my windshield. That's okay, it had a crack in it already. I'm just glad I didn't replace it sooner! It'll be replaced tomorrow afternoon and be in good shape for our trip to the bookstore on Friday.
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I was forced to drive the Beatle to the store--my first time driving a stick shift alone. At first I wasn't able to find first gear, but since I live on a hill, I was able to coast for a while.

I stopped at our neighbor's house to chat for a while. That's when I found out that my dog followed me down the hill. I don't think he expected me to be there, for when he saw me, he looked "in trouble." No problem--my neighbors are used to his visits and have a chain ready. On my way back up the hill, I made a quick stop, untied him, and he followed me up the road.

Two more nights to go.

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Janet said...

EEK! If my dog followed me down the road (course I live in a VERY busy street) I'd freak OUT! Course, he's ALWAYS on a leash or a tie out (knock on wood)...I'm SO paranoid about him getting loose LOL!

And yes...I can't wait either!