Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #34

Eleven T-Shirts I Designed for CafePress Plus Two Extras!

Make great gifts for the Holidays!

Shirt #1 - A quote from Coretta Scott King’s memorial service by the Rev. Joseph Lowery: “ . . . for war billions more, but no more for the poor.”

Shirt #2 Moo Disorder

Shirt #3You are Outside the Circle of Trust

Shirt #4 “I got your Badonkadonk right here!”

Shirt #5 “I auditioned for Godot and they gave me the title role!” - Waiting for Godot

Shirt #6 “Happy Birthday Mozart.” Celebrates his 250th birthday.

Shirt #7 Think Outside Uranus

Shirt #8 Ho3 (in case you don’t get it, it means “Ho Ho Ho”

Shirt #9 Jingle All The Way

Shirt #10 "Noel"

Shirt #11 “You’ll shoot your eye out kid!”

Shirt #12 Thirteen - Not such an unlucky number after all.

Shirt #13 “Thursday Thirteen - It's more than a meme, it's a microcosm.”

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Michelle said...

Love that list - absolutely love it.

Great t-shirts!

Sincerely Iowa said...

Love the t-shirts! They look great!

Susan said...

Great shirts...creative and fun.


Unknown said...

Those are some great T-Shirts! I love the HO3 and the Bodonkadonk shirt, really cool!!

Happy Thursday!

Smurf said...

Interesting list! Very creative and clever! Hapyy TT!

Anonymous said...

Great shirts!

Anonymous said...

My husband has a "no" L button. That's awesome! I like the think outside uranus shirt. :)

My 13 are up.

Unknown said...

I love the noel shirt as well. That's a riot. Great list!

Amy said...

those are really cool!

Anonymous said...

Very cool!