Friday, July 07, 2006

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do you have a broken gerbil cage under your desk?
A: At one time I did, but I recently threw it away in order to present a more tidy workplace environment. The cage had once held two gerbils that I acquired for my son’s kindergarten class. The gerbils were doing fine, until around Halloween when they both died under mysterious circumstances. I expect foul play. But until they come up with CSI: Elementary School or Cold Case: K-12, we won’t know what really happened.

Q: What have you planted in your “Spring” garden?
A: We are keeping the garden basic this year, just to see how things go. Right now I have a lot of green beans, some JalapeƱo peppers, sweet bell peppers, squash, cucumbers, and tomatoes. I’ve also planted herb seeds, and some are sprouting. Those include parsley and cilantro.
PS: Deer are trying to eat the bean plants. We’ve instructed the dog, as best we can, to keep an eye on the garden. But I’ve also put some fencing to deter pests.

Q: Why do you write on your walls?
A: We are only writing on the walls that will soon be removed or re-covered. We also have written things on exposed boards and old wallpaper. All of which will eventually be removed or covered. Once the construction is done, we will not allow writing on the walls, unless it’s the Hand of God.

Q: Do you have a washing machine and dryer?
A: Not right now. I’m having to go to Laundromats to get clean clothes. This is due to the fact that we do not have city or county water and rely on filling our own cistern with water. We get water from a well across the street. Until we have the water tested and get a better idea about the reliability of the well, we don’t want to hook up a washer. But I’m very hopeful that this fall I will get a new, stackable, washer and dryer. I will probably continue to use the Laundromats because it’s nice to get 10 loads done in under 2 hours.

Any other questions about my life in Creekistan? Just let me know!

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Anonymous said...

Did you get the writing on the walls from the other Amy (B)? I remember her mom letting us do that when they were going to re-wall paper the kitchen. How's life with you-we haven't talked in a while! Sandi the Red