Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thursday Thirteen for April 6, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

13 Silly Names I Have for Everyday Things

  1. Eye Juice = Contact lens solution
  2. Shit Tickets = toilet paper
  3. Pit Stick = Deodorant
  4. Butt Wipes = Baby wipes.
  5. Poop Tacos = Dirty baby wipes. It refers to what the baby wipes look like when you’re done using them.
  6. P.R.B.I. = Puke-Related Belch Incident. Special thanks go to George Carlin for that one. But we use this term on a regular basis.
  7. P.R.F.I. = Poop-Related Fart Incident. (Why do a lot of these relate to excrement and excrement-related things? Guess it comes with raising children—if you don’t have a sense of humor about those things, you could get grossed out.)
  8. Happy Happy Fun Place – This is an area we have cordoned-off in the kitchen to keep the baby safe. We used to call it Baby Jail, but when the Baby cried every time I put her there, I thought the change of name would help. It didn’t.
  9. Ike A nice way of saying that I’m going to “beat you up.” For example, “You better watch it, or I’m going to Ike you.” This is a reference to Ike and Tina. NOTE: We don’t actually beat each other up. Once you say this phrase, everyone starts laughing and the urge to kill fades.
  10. Hit the Bitch This phrase refers to going to the ATM to withdrawal money. For example: “I’m going to Hit the Bitch and get $40.”
  11. BeeBee This is the Baby’s contribution to the list. This is her attempt to say “Baby”. It refers to anything cute or desirable. She’ll point to candy and say “BeeBee” or she’ll point to a bird and say “BeeBee.”
  12. Pee Pants = Diapers
  13. Eat the Peanut = Suicide. We have a friend that is allergic to peanuts. Every time he would joke about killing himself, he would say “I’m going to Eat the Peanut.” Believe me, he was purely joking. He’s alive and well.

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Helen said...

I have read your TT again. Mine will be up soon. What a cute puppy. Good luck. When my dog was a puppy it felt like I had one more dog is a teenager now,not always easy, but I love him and I`m so glad because without him I would not be out walking every day. I hope you will enjoy your dog as well. (my english is not great, hope you understand this).

Anonymous said...

I love family languages. This is a riot! My husband always says "Red eye" before we got out, which means are you "ready?"

Anonymous said...

what a riot!

Undercover Angel said...

Those are funny! My TT is up!

MaR said...

Hilarious! you are so creative, loved your list!

Kimmy said...

OMG! that is the funniest and greatest T13 by far! Too, too funny!

Eat the peanut. Ha!

My 13 are up!

Jen said...

Oh MAN! These are hilarious!

Our person favorite made up term was "ballerina poops." My oldest misunderstood the word diarrhea, and this is what she came up with instead.

We had to stop using it because one of our babysitters didn't understand the urgency involved when the child told her she had to do ballerina poops...ever since then we try to stick to the real term for that particular function.