Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Thursday 13: My 13 Favorite Song Lyrics

The lyric "One life, with each other, sisters, brothers" came top of a poll of 13,000 British people by music channel VH1. I’m not sure where these people are or what qualifies them to chose top lyrics, but I have to disagree on a few. So, here’s my list of top 13:
Please see: BBC Article

and MTV Lyric Poll

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  1. Beck - Loser: “And my time is a piece of wax fallin’ on a termite who's chokin’ on the splinters”
  2. They Might Be Giants – Hall of Heads: “Roll out that special head - This is our favorite one - Please don't try to leave - Don't leave the hall of heads.” (Just about any They Might Be Giants lyric should be on this list, but this is my current favorite.)
  3. The Smiths - How Soon is Now?: "So you go, and you stand on your own, and you leave on your own, and you go home, and you cry, and you want to die." (Actually on the VH1 list, and I have to agree that this is a great lyric and song.)
  4. The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army: “Don't want to hear about it, Every single one's got a story to tell, Everyone knows about it, From the Queen of England to the hounds of hell.”
  5. Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2): “We don't need no education, We don't need no thought control. No dark sarcasm in the classroom, Teacher, leave them kids alone.” (Secretly singing this one all though school.)
  6. Outkast - Hey Ya: “Shake it like a polaroid picture” (How brief, yet descriptive.)
  7. Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit: “I feel stupid and contagious, Here we are now, entertain us.”
  8. Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Two Tribes: “When two tribes go to war, A point is all you can score”
  9. The Beatles – Yesterday: “Yesterday, All my troubles seemed so far away, Now it looks as though they're here to stay, Oh, I believe in Yesterday.”
  10. Radiohead- Sail To The Moon. (Brush The Cobwebs Out Of The Sky.): - Maybe you'll be president - But know right from wrong - Or in the flood you'll build an Ark - And sail us to the moon” (Packaging all the hopes and dreams we have for our children to do better then us in one song.) The album, Hail to the Thief, is my all-time favorite.
  11. The Police - Synchronicity I: “A connecting principle - Linked to the invisible - Almost imperceptible - Something inexpressible - Science insusceptible - Logic so inflexible - Causally connectable - Yet nothing is invincible” (Their album, Synchronicity, is my second favorite album.)
  12. Sting - Russians: “We share the same biology - Regardless of ideology - What might save us, me, and you Is that the Russians love their children too.” (Written during the mid-80’s and during the cold war, these lyrics still ring true today, even if they so-called “enemy” has changed.)
  13. Talking Heads – Once in a Lifetime: “My god!...what have I done.”

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Chaotic Mom said...

I LOVE that you didn't just list songs, but your favorite LYRICS, as well. Way cool!

Master Enigma said...

I agree listing your favorite lyrics helped me to see why you like some of those songs so much.

My own 13 is busy singing so mindless tune over at

Anonymous said...

you have a couple on here i've never even heard of and i'm not a huge beatles fan, but that is a very powerful lyric, so true.

Sonya said...

I love MTV.

Jen said...

Oh man, these are so cool! I'll let you cast my vote, too!

Thanks for the haiku in my comments. :-)

Anonymous said...

My mind went blank....What's it all about Alfie? This is a challenge my mind will want to get busy on, though. I think it would be fun to spend a few days only talking in song lyrics. It would be like Shakespeare...first we wouldn't understand each other but then it would click in as a new language and then we would!

Glad I can comment. Last week I couldn't.

My 13 are tuned in.

Thriftin' Gal @ Junk In My Trunk said...

You have some of my favorites on your list, thanks for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

Not a Duran Duran in the bunch-would think you like this one:

Don't ever try to be any more
Michael, you've got a lot to answer for
You unlocked some of the doors
To my soul

Sandi the Red

Norma said...

Beatles, Polic and Sting. That's all I recognize.