Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #86

13 Things I've Seen While Driving in Creekistan

1. A lot of deer. They're overpopulated, and now I'm not just seeing them at night, I've actually seen them running during the day. A couple years ago, a deer ran into my car (I was nearly stopped!) broke a light and ran off. But I can usually spot them.

2. A lot of litter. Some people around here seem to think that it's perfectly okay to throw their garbage right out their window. In fact, this morning I saw a complete bag of fast food garbage in the middle of the road. I have a neighbor that I suspect drives into town every morning for McDonalds, and on his way back, throws his garbage out near my house. The dog knows too, and looks forward to it.

3. Chickens eating on the side of the road. I guess they're smart enough not to cross. But if they did, I'd have to ask myself "Why?"

4. Roadkill. Most recently, I saw a dead fox. Broke my heart since they are such beautiful creatures.

5. ATVs. A favorite local past-time is to drive a loud four-wheeler on the road (illegally) with a cooler of beer strapped to the back. People of all ages participate. I once saw a 2-year-old with a hurt hand because she reached for something while on a 4-wheeler and got injured.

6. Vultures/Buzzards. With all the roadkill, who can blame them? But these are the kind of creatures that make you stop your car and wait until they fly off. They are large, nasty things. I've even heard that if you piss them off, they will projectile vomit at you.

7. Baptisms. There is a creek on my route that is perfect for this purpose. It's also good for fishing. We joke that we hope a fisherman doesn't snag a recently saved person. Baptisms upstream, fishing downstream, please.

8. Rusted appliances. Some people, instead of properly disposing of their old appliances, leave them outside. We've joked that Creekistan is where old appliances go to die. But I've noticed that during these hard economic times, more people are trying to get money by taking garbage to scrap yards.

9. Very large, old satellite dishes with vines growing over them. I love the site of nature taking over. Or is nature trying to get satellite TV?

10. Dogs that love to attack cars. I don't get it. What is a dog going to do with a captured car? They can't eat it! Bandit has been know to do this, but we're working hard to curb this habit. (Sorry about the pun!)

11. Chipmunks quickly running across the road with their tail straight in the air. The soundtrack in my mind plays the xylophone as I giggle at the site.

12. Box turtles getting a little sun. I've made it a habit that if I can safely do it, I'll stop and carry them off the road. They are too precious to be killed by careless or heartless people.

13. Beautiful scenery. Every day, no matter what time of year, there is something lovely to admire.



Toni said...

Sounds a lot like my home town! Okay, I did not know that about vultures and I have seen a couple recently around our little back field. Good to know. Not that I planned on making them angry but the dog did chase them the other day so if that happens again I will be ready to run from vomit. Shoooo!

Joyce said...

You are funny! I especially like #3. :)
Happy Thursday 13.

Denise Patrick said...

Ahhh, the wonders of living in the country. There are pros and cons to living everywhere, but living in a rural area sometimes sounds wonderful.

Happy TT!

Janet said...

We see roadkill here from time to time, especially in the spring when the skunks are feisty.

And I agree...chipmunks are adorable when they do that!

Unknown said...

We see many of the same things around us, though not the baptisms. Very nice list.
Mine is posted @ The Cafe if you'd like to pop by.

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

Lots of these things are true for my area! Except the dogs that chase cars...what *IS* with that?

Visit my t13 to see some pics I took on yesterday's walk down by Lake Michigan.

Unknown said...

Damn, you see the same things I do. Wait, you live just down the road from us. I suppose I must live in South Creekistan.