Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #28

The Red is a fiery red-head that seems to draw a lot of attention. So whenever we go out, interesting things happen! This week, we were out-of-town for a conference and were staying at a hotel. We would walk to dinner or to a local bar.

13 Things, Good and Bad, About Going Out and Drinking With Aimee the Red:

  1. Good: Some guy on a motorcycle actually pulled over to talk to us. He was a little creepy, so I was trying to nicely get rid of him.

  2. Bad: The Red let it slip where we were going to eat and Creepy Motorcycle Guy actually found us and joined us for a while.

  3. Good: We watched Monday Night Football at a bar with a bunch of IT guys from Atlanta.

  4. Bad: The New Orleans Saints beat the heck out of the Atlanta Falcons, so the IT guys were upset.

  5. Bad: A guy propositioned The Red by asking, “So, how much do you cost?” The Red was really pissed off at him.

  6. Good or Bad: I didn’t get a chance to see him, or he would have had me to deal with.

  7. Good: The guy at the hotel bar that was going to Vet School. He was really cool and loved animals. Good luck at Ohio State!

  8. Good: The retired dentist from Texas that was at the hotel to help a friend run a Transformers tradeshow. My son loves the Transformers.

  9. Bad: Transformers Dude couldn’t (or wouldn’t) give me any loot to take home to my son.

  10. Bad: Transformers Dude left the bar without paying his tab. We’ll just have to send Optimus Prime after him.

  11. Good: The Red kept buying me more drinks.

  12. Bad: I drank too much and was up half the night throwing up.

  13. Bad: We had to get up at 6:15 am to get ready for the conference and be down there by 7:30 am. I was pretty hungover all day.

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Unknown said...

That was very entertaining..I have creepy guys say hello before but then I realize they are not so creepy

Frances D said...

Ok 3rd time at commenting bat!
Come on Blogger!
Sounds like quite a time - I am sure that cheapskate could have given you something for your kid.
A couple of cold glasses of Gatorade - any flavor - helps hangovers big time.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy.Shannon sent me the link and i just wanted to say hi.some funny stuff this here blog.I've got a bike but I certainly hope I'm not scary.Take care,CW

BlondeBrony said...

Happy TT!