Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #67

13 Pets That I've Had

1. Snoopy - Yep, a beagle. He was so fat that his belly hit the ground. Even though I was very young when he died, I remember him fondly as a tolerant dog who would let me dress him.

2. Daisy - She was a dachshund (aka wiener dog). She was brown and very nice. I don't remember too much about her since we only had her for about two or three years when I was little. When we moved from the farm to the suburbs, I guess she could not adjust. My parents had some explaining to do as to why Daisy was gone.

3. Denver - Another dachshund. We adopted Denver when he was an adult, but he was only with us for about a month. When Daisy went into heat, he gallantly defended her from other dogs, giving his life. His efforts paid off, because Daisy had a very cute litter of 5 pups that looked just like him, except for one that looked like her mother.

4. Tiny Tim - He was a pure bred toy poodle born on St. Patrick's Day. A great little dog, he was a good friend to me for several years. I remember that he would go to the park with me (we let him roam the neighborhood) and go down the slide with me. He liked to snuggle whenever my Mother took naps and would sleep with me at night. I remember that during his first Christmas, he not only chewed on the ornament, tree, and stockings, but he also tore through all the presents under the tree.

5. Tiny Tim Too - Another poodle that my older sister purchased after she moved out. But for some reason, she couldn't take care of him and my parents took him in. I remember that he was stupid. We didn't get attached and ended up giving him to a loving family with a large farm. From then on, he was in their family photos.

6. Melody - After having to move to a different city right before my senior year of high school, I managed to talk my parents into buying me a Shi Tzu puppy. She was a blast! I named her Melody because she reminded me of a piano keyboard--black and white. We would let her ride in the car with us just about everywhere we could--she learned that she could get treats from fast food windows. She understood many words and you could just about have a conversation with her. She would take my Father on walks and even though his Alzheimer's had him confused, she would lead him home.

7. Salvador - My first cat. When I had an apartment that would allow cats, I wanted one right away. I found Salvador (named after Salvador Dali, the artist) on the street as a tiny, skinny black cat. He was a terror as a kitten, but once he settled down, he was great. He grew to be quite large. I had him for many years.

8. Scarlet - Another black cat. Salvador's vet gave her to me and said that they were the same age and would get along great. Wrong. Seems that Scarlet was an adult ferile cat. Somehow we managed to domesticate her, but she never liked Salvador. I'll always remember her as the cat that liked to sit on top of the TV and drool.

9. Vincent - Another cat project that my husband took on. He was named Vincent because he had part of an ear missing, along with most of his nose. He also had broken his tail in several places, which fused together so that he couldn't move it normally. He must have been nearly blind and deaf, and was incontinent. Lovely! He couldn't walk backwards and would get stuck under furniture or in a corner.

10. Goofy - A Beta fish that I got my son for his second birthday. Five years later, he's still around! I swear he greets me whenever he sees me! Sometimes he would seem to be dead, but when I tap on the bowl, he wakes up.

11. Nearly Tailless Nick - He was a kitten that wandered into Creekistan when we were still living in the construction trailer. At first I had to lure him into a cage with food, but eventually we had him tame enough to come into the trailer when it was cold outside. He didn't have a tail, but he had plenty of attitude! He ran off after nearly a year, the day before he was scheduled to get fixed.

12. Bandit - Our current beast-in-residence. Bandit was rescued as a 1-week-old puppy after his mother was hit by a car. He was hand raised and we adopted him. He's the largest dog I've ever had, and quite the character. I think it's necessary to have a dog like Bandit out here in Creekistan, and he does a great job.

13. Gracie - Our current bed-heating cat. We didn't expect to get her, she chose us from the pet store. She was only a year old, but she already had a sweet temperament. She tolerates the kids and even secretly loves them, and is very friendly to everyone. But she's also a great mouser/squirreler/batter. Perfect for our family and for Creekistan.


Dane Bramage said...

I would say that I am not a pet person but I would be lying. Why else would I have seven cats, one dog and two humans in my basement. Do you want any?

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Cecily R said...

Does my crazy five year old named Gracie count as a pet? Does my husband?

Robin said...

I love the mental image of a poodle going down a slide.

Hootin' Anni said...

I love doxies!! We had several dogs when the kids were little, but now that it's just the two of us, it's cats. Much easier to take care of at our ages.

My T T is published, won't you drop by?

Believer in Balance said...

That's a lot of pets! I'm allergic, but I did have a couple cats growing up. Thursday Two? Nah.

Cecily R said...

You just made me gafaw! I need desperately to hear the Ass that's Dumb song now! =)

jenn said...

I am definitly a cat person. I got Penelope for Christmas when I was 15. I had her put down a few years ago, at 17, and it broke my heart. Now I have Oliver. He is the most loving cat I've ever had. Where ever I am, he is always in my line of sight. He follows me everywhere.
Happy TT!

Ann Aguirre said...

Our dog is named Daisy! She's half dachshund, half basset hound. We call her Drama Dog because she plays dead during dinner, trying to cadge some meat.

Anonymous said...

Some very nice names there. It's sad that we outlive our pets. Growing up we had dogs named Dobie Gillis, Ginger, Tina and a cat no one named.

Cinnamon Girl said...

What a fun TT! Great cat names =)

Samantha_K said...

I should do this topic sometime...most of my pet stories end in tragedy, however.
Nearly Tailless Nick, lol. Loving that! We had a mouse in the house we called Hermione...but I digress.
Happy Thursday!

Harris Channing said...

I love your list!!! I love my're a-okay with me!!


Zenmomma said...

Fun 13. I love the phrase "beast-in-residence."