Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #63

Thirteen of my Final Requests

Not that I plan to die anytime soon, I just thought it would be fun to start planning now.

  1. I don't want to have my dead body paraded around, so be sure to cremate me.
  2. No big ceremony is necessity for the cremation, but I want my closest loved ones to draw straws to decide who should light the match.
  3. I don't care what you do with my ashes. But I have always joked that at a party in my honor, someone should sprinkle a little in the punch without anyone else knowing. Then, have a toast (with the tainted punch) and say "May there always be a little bit of her in us."
  4. Instead of a funeral, a large party should be organized, with invitations going out to my friends and family. Allow plenty of time between my death and the party for proper preparation.
  5. Children should be welcome at the party. In fact, they should come in costume and given sugar skulls from the Mexican Day of the Dead holiday.
  6. I would like some live music to be performed, probably something composed or arranged by my husband. At this time, I'd like his steal band version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and his piece "Three Found Dreaming," which includes the section called "Death." I'd also like to have Charles Ives' piece "The Unanswered Question" performed.
  7. But for the rest of the music, I'd like someone (preferably under the age of 27) to play songs off of my iPod (or whatever music playing device I have at the time). The playlist should be heavy on music from the 1980's, Radiohead, and the current alternative rock songs at the time. No country music allowed.
  8. There should be door prizes. You must be present (and alive) to win.
  9. Poetry can be read, sparingly, and should include at least one poem from Billy Collins and one from Charles Bukowski. I'd prefer if the poems would make the younger people giggle and the older people cringe.
  10. Everyone should wear a "Hello My Name Is . . . " sticker. I was so terrible with names.
  11. Instead of flowers, I'd prefer balloons. Everyone should be able to take one home if they like.
  12. Towards the end of the party, everyone should be given a kazoo for a group performance of Taps.
  13. Since I was such a fan of bonfires, the party should end with one. Everyone should be invited to throw paper effigies of luxury items into the fire, similar to those burned during the Chinese Ching Ming festival. Be sure to burn a paper laptop so that I can continue blogging and submitting my Thursday Thirteen, even in the afterlife!


Robin said...

I think you must be a very fun person to have around. Anyone who wants a death like that must be having a great time with their life.

Here's to many more happy years.

Bubblegum109 said...

Great post! Funerals should be a celebration of life, Loved the one about the ashes in the punch!!

Anonymous said...

Great List!

I have my own funeral planned out as a party. No one is allowed to wear black and there has to be a dance floor and DJ. And everyone gets a gift bag with notes of my favorite things about them tucked inside.

Loved reading you thoughts. I'll have to add the children in costume to mine.:)


Malcolm said...

It sounds like you have it all planned out. I esp. liked #s 3, 8, 9, and 12 on your list.

Head Gaggler said...

Great plan.

Anonymous said...

I particularly love the idea of kazoo taps, balloons, and reading poetry.

My husband seriously wants me to put him up on poles for the vultures to eat!

Janet said...

perhaps your loved ones could mix a bit of your ashes in some ink and get a tattoo in your the MOM tattoo a whole new meaning :-)

Anonymous said...

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