Thursday, August 02, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #60 - SPOILER ALERT!

SPOILER ALERT! My 13 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Predictions

Let's see how I did with my predictions from a couple of weeks ago:

  1. The Weasly wedding will take place, but will be interrupted by an uninvited guest, possibly Greyback, the werewolf. Okay, I was close. It was interrupted by a Patronus, and then by Death Eaters.

  2. Harry will find the place where his parents were killed. But I don't think he'll find anything important there. Wrong! Harry did find important things there, and even a trap!

  3. I believe that Harry's father died after his mother, not the other way around. There is something important to the fact that James remained alive longer than Lily. Wrong. It was Lily that died last, trying to save the baby Harry.

  4. The infamous RAB will be Sirus' brother. Ding! Ding Ding! I was correct! Regulus Arcturus Black .

  5. One of the horcruxes will be hidden in the Black home, and Kreature will be guarding it. I don't think he'll be cooperative, and his head may end up on the wall next to his mother's. Wrong. Although Kreature did have a horcrux for a while, it was stolen from him. Also wrong about the house elf remaining mean. With proper care and sympathy, he turned out good! I'd love to try his French Onion Soup!

  6. Even though both Harry and I don't like Snape, he'll be a good guy in the end. At least he'll prove to be mostly honorable, quite possibly he'll die trying to save Harry. Correct! Severus' love for Harry's mother Lily is what ultimately made him good. His memories in the Pensive is one of the places in the book that made me cry.

  7. Neville will become stronger and more confident and will avenge his parents. Yeah Neville!

  8. Harry and Ginny will get back together. Yep, and have three kids!

  9. Dumbledore's painting will be hung in several important places in the wizarding world, and Harry can visit him and ask him questions. Mostly wrong. We only know of his painting in Hogwarts and Harry only visits him in the end.

  10. I think that one of the Dursley's will perform magic, possibly Dudley. But I don't think he'll like it. Wrong. But Dudley does show his appreciation to Harry for saving his live. In a way, that is magic.

  11. Filch's cat, Mrs. Norris, will be an unregistered animagas and a deatheater. But Crookshanks will kill her. Wrong. No mention of Mrs. Norris that I recall. Bummer!

  12. Faulks will help Harry in a very important way. Wrong. Faulks must have flown the coop!

  13. Everyone who reads the book will be very sad, either because someone important and loved dies, or just because there will be no more Harry Potter books to look forward to. I know the latter is true for me. Correct!


Anonymous said...

not being HP fan at all I love reading all spoilers LOL
I have pdf and audio version but I think I'll wait movie (I guess this sound like blasphemy)


Anonymous said...

I haven't had time to read it I am not reading your TT! lol

I love the idea of it though

Robin said...

Not too far off on some of those!

Happy TT.

Nancy Lindquist-Liedel said...

Excellent predictions!!!!!You were spot on with many of them.

Ash said...

I heart Harry.
I love the books, but keep the effing movies away from me. DArn hollywood, cutting out pieces and changing things. arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Janet said...

re: #10 - you're right, that IS magic :-)

J. Lynne said...

I was so proud of Neville. I was very close in my prediction that he would be very instrumental in Voldemort's death. I mean, he kind of was in killing Nagini. Yeah, Neville!

Also, I was disappointed that there was no mention of Moaning Myrtle, not even when Ron and Hermoine returned from the Chamber.

Happy TT!

Anonymous said...

I almost felt like I read the book, reading your list.

I have mention of my son the Potter on my site and one reader thought I was talking about Harry P.

I like it when they show the other side of otherwise bad characters, showing even the worst have some good in them.