Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #55

13 Irritants in Creekistan

  1. No-see-ums - those stupid little bugs that bite your ankles. Just as their name says, they are invisible.

  2. Bald-faced Hornets - not something you want to see, let alone be stung by. I got stung a year ago and I thought I was going to die.

  3. Dog Slobber

  4. Road Kill Stink Ballons - For example: a dead raccoon rotting in the son on the side of the road. Just ready to pop!

  5. Ticks - Need I say more? They are really bad this year.

  6. Drunks on 4-Wheelers - Driving on the road and littering.

  7. Pollen Clouds - trees this time of year drop so much pollen that you need a car wash every other day.

  8. Snakes - It's not the snake that you know, it's the one that you DON'T know.

  9. Sunburns - Or should I say, Farmers Tan.

  10. Humidity - Sometimes it's like trying to breathe underwater. I really think dry heat is better.

  11. People who run over turtles - poor things are just trying to cross the street.

  12. Bug Bites That Won't Stop Itching

  13. Poison Ivy/Oak/Sumac/Stinging Nettles/Brambles/Burrs - and other irritating flora.


Cinnamon Girl said...

I am a freak of nature, I love humidity :P Happy TT!

D-HOR said...

This sounds like my home town. OMG I hate ticks.

Sparky Duck said...

yep, I hate nature, so I hate most of this stuff. No See Ums really are awful

Anonymous said...

The ticks are really really bad this year. I'm over it already and it's only just begun.

Janet said...

re: #11 - karma's a bitch, people!

Anonymous said...

Ah, I COULD have written this. We also have deer flies. They bite!

Ann Aguirre said...

I hear you on the bug bites.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for helping out at Godzulla!


Psychodiva said...

I thought I had it bad over here in Wiltshire (England) with the cow dung and the bugs- at least i don't get the heat!

Just started this TT thing and I'm enjoying it so far- I love your Blog especially- a life so different from mine yet you sound the same :)

Susan said...

Oh the Noseeums are awful here, too as is the humidity. Some of these things I have not heard of...but some just sound like HOME.

:-) Susan