Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Godzulla 2007

One lazy Saturday morning, I was wondering what to do with the kids. I was bored and wanted to figure out something to do for the day. Out here, excitement comes in ways that you wouldn't believe: large farm equipment driving by, the dog finding a dead animal and bringing it home, and our neighbor mowing with the tractor. My son loves to watch our neighbor mow with the tractor, and sometimes he gets a short ride. So when I heard the equipment drive by and my son get excited to go outside, I wasn't surprised. I told him to stay way back from the mower and do as our neighbor says.

But a couple of minutes later, he comes running into the house saying something about people setting up water for a race. Even though I wasn't properly dressed, (I had my Hustler 1970's style t-shirt, garden clogs, and a bandana to cover my messy hair) I went out to greet these strangers.

It seems that our street was part of a 125-mile bicycle race, and we lived near one of the major water/feed stops. They were setting up water and Gatorade at the top of our hill for riders of the Godzulla Cycling Challenge.

It also seemed that the people who had volunteered to man the stop hadn't showed up! So obviously I volunteered on the spot to help. My children were excited. Even the two-year-old was getting into the spirit, organizing the water bottles. My son got some sidewalk chalk and wrote things on the street.
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It was fun--many semi-pro and very serious riders came by. But the best were the people who were just having a good time and were very grateful that there was a stop at the top of a very long and steep hill. We were especially excited to see the University of Cincinnati club (pictured), since that is where Daddy graduated.

We met lots of great riders that day. I hope they continue to have the race, and I'll be there next year if they do.

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