Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #42

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In looking around my unfinished house, I was wondering if there was a way to speed up the process of making my home look Cutting-Edge and have Superior Design. Here are my ideas:

13 Creekistan Interior Design Trends

  1. Unfinished walls are now In. Being able to see some or all of the drywall is very hip. Especially if you can see the drywall screws.

  2. If unfinished walls are not quite your thing, then ripped wallpaper is a great alternative. If you have existing wallpaper, rip some of it off, leaving lively chunks of color still attached. If you don’t have wallpaper, you can attain the same look by hanging new wallpaper, allowing it to dry, then ripping it off.

  3. An added touch would be to allow children to write on your walls.

  4. Ceilings have always been neglected in design. No more! Interesting designs in ceilings include portions that are “discolored”, falling, or where texture is uneven. This style makes for interesting design effects and breaks up the monotony of potentially bland ceilings.

  5. Keep lighting fixtures simple. Exposed wires and bare light bulbs give a home a highly “technical” look. Plus, it makes changing light bulbs quick and easy without having to hassle with dangerous glass covers.

  6. Keep the odors “natural” in the bathroom. No more do you need to attempt to mask smells emanating from the septic system. It reminds everyone that a bathroom is a bathroom and the smells are part of it’s “charm.”

  7. Floorboards are extraneous. Part of the charm of wood or laminate flooring is being able to see the raw, uneven edges of flooring near the base of walls.

  8. Carpeting on stars poses quite a few problems when it comes time for cleaning. This problem is eliminated when you eliminate the carpet. Dirt, hair, and small toys that accumulate in the corners of stairs are then easily vacuumed up.

  9. Don’t be hide your messy closets behind doors any more! By not installing doors on your closets, you create a more open atmosphere in your bedrooms.

  10. Why clutter your living areas with furniture? They collect dust and get in the way of running children. Only furnish rooms with items that are absolutely necessary for minimal comfort. For example, a living room with only a futon allows for more open space.

  11. Why does everyone think they need separate bedrooms? In Creekistan design, all family members enjoy the benefits of sleeping in one room, leaving the extra bedrooms available for storage of building supplies, unused paint, and extra flooring.

  12. Balance out the simplicity of your Creekistan-designed home with a complex color scheme. Don’t limit rooms to simply one or two colors. Allow old paint to show through new. Let ripped wallpaper reveal the antique colors underneath. Test new colors by painting just a swatch of new paint over old. Perhaps you’ll like the effect and not finish painting the rest of the wall.

  13. Don’t be afraid of people looking into your windows, especially those on the second floor. Eliminate the hassle of window coverings by allowing the beauty of the window to speak for itself. Don’t cover your windows. Allow the sunlight to shine in and your beautiful design to shine out.

    1. If these design trends become popular, I’ll have the most hip house in Creekistan, and I wouldn’t have to do a thing! (. . .looking up number of Country Living Magazine to arrange a photo shoot . . . )

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Anonymous said...

You have some great idea's. Happy TT

tiggerprr said...

Suddenly all the work needing done around my house, doesn't feel as huge to tackle. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL - I love these and I'm sure my DH would appreciate how easy these decorating ideas are to execute :-p My favorite is the natural bathroom odors. Hahaha.

Mary said...

I think you should call Martha! :O) Great list, I totally agree with Tiggerprr. HappyTT!

Unknown said...

You just saved me a ton of work! Thanks!

Great ideas

Jen said...

You crack me up! Hilarious!

My T13 is up :-)

Anonymous said...

:) LOL! I'll keep those in mind - heheh.

JAM said...

You'll have to borrow a junker to put up on cinder blocks in your front yard to complete the vibe, at least until you get the house finished.

Good luck on getting it all done without killing each other in that one sleeping room.

Anonymous said...

eeeeeuuuuuuu @ #6!!!

ms blue said...

It seems the state of our bathroom would make it into the Creekistan Interior Design magazine! We are only one year in to living under renovation. I have a feeling it will last a decade. At least we are part of a trend!

Cinnamon Girl said...

Great spin on remodeling! Happy TT =)

Raggedy said...

This was so funny!
I loved it.
Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
My TT is posted.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š

Susan said...

This is a riot - but a little too close to home - my house my entire childhood sounded a lot like this - we were constantly renovating some huge section of it. Cool but constant transition! Good luck!!

Scribbit said...

I didn't know I was so "in." I'm right there with nearly all of these!

Anonymous said...

And you can write on the walls!

It could be in one day like having messy hair is in. People spend a lot of time and money to mess it up so bad.