Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #40

I have been participating in the Thursday Thirteen Forums. I posted a message on there with several ideas for topics or themes that people could steal if they were stuck. Well, here I am on Thursday, stuck for an idea of a topic. So I took a page from my own book:

13 Things About the 13-year-old Amy the Black

  1. After watching The Outsiders, I was inspired to color my hair with peroxide. My hair turned orange.

  2. I was a huge Duran Duran fan.

  3. I watched so much MTV that I could name the artist, song, and album of a video before the text would appear in the bottom left-hand corner. It was a game I would play. But that was when MTV played Music Videos all the time.

  4. I always had a VCR hooked up and ready to record. I still have a few tapes that capture MTV during it’s early days.

  5. I was a good clarinet player. In fact, I was considered one of the best in my age group in the area.

  6. I had a really nice 12-speed bike that was black, red and silver. I used to ride it everywhere I could. I kept the bike until about 5 years ago. I hadn’t used it in ages, but couldn’t part with it, either.

  7. I collected unicorns. Anything with a unicorn on it was good enough for me: stickers, posters, figurines, purses, t-shirts, etc.

  8. I was active in Girl Scouts. I belonged to a small, but close-knit troop. We weren’t into the uniforms and formal stuff. If we had to go to a city-wide event, we looked more like the Bad News Bears. But we didn’t care.

  9. I wanted to play synthesizers in a Rock/Pop band, just like my idol, Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran.

  10. I got a Yamaha keyboard for Christmas. I was thrilled, even though it wasn’t a large-scale keyboard. I still played it all the time.

  11. I had started to collect LPs of the music I liked. You know, actual vinyl records. But I figured out a way to record them onto cassette so that I could play them on my Walkman.

  12. I was 13 in 1983. Okay, so now do the math.

  13. I was a fan of of the TV show, M*A*S*H*. I was 13 when the show ended with it’s record-breaking and haunting final episode. I cried. One scene in particular has stayed with me ever since. It is the scene where Hawkeye is in a bus filled with refugees trying to hide from an enemy patrol. Everyone on the bus knew that they had to be absolutely quiet or they might all be killed by the North Koreans. A mother was holding her baby, when it started to cry. She smothered her child.

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Anonymous said...

Can you believe this? I scratched that 13 on the beach in Hull a couple of years ago. You probably googled images and found it, huh. Sometimes blogging feels like throwing out seeds. Here's the original. It was my 3rd 13 Thursday...I'm up to like 60 something now.

In the 80s MTV was actually GOOD!

Chelle Y. said...

I loved "The Outsiders!" In fact, I received the 20th Anniversary DVD last year for Christmas. It has a commentary with the whole cast, with the exception of Tom Cruise and Emilo Esteves. I guess they are "too important" to have a reunion now. Haha!

I also had a friend,( who, by the way, introduced me to "The Outsiders) who was obbessed with unicorns too! Her room was like walking into a fantasy land. I still think of her today when I see a unicorn.

Sarah said...

I WISH there were actual music videos on MTV still. I watched an hour of it the other day, all reality TV, and I will never get that hour of my life back.

Raggedy said...

Good list.
Happy TT
My TT is posted

Lindsey said...

Not only could I name the artist, the song, and the album before the text appeared, I could also name the director of the video. That was back when my dream in life was to direct music videos...

What a great idea for a list...I might steal it sometime.

Trish Ess said...

I remember that episode of M*A*S*H*, too. So sad. And my husband is a huge fan, so now I get to watch it in re-runs.

Happy TT!
Mine are up.

mistihollrah said...

Love the son asked for it for his birthday last year. It's fun to share movies and musice with your kids from "our day" and what's better is when they like it!

My TT is's ways I plan to pamper myself in 2007!

Mary said...

Ahhh, memories... we are about the same age! Great list, happy TT!

Caylynn said...

I was, and still am, a M*A*S*H fan. I was only 11 when the last episode aired, but I do remember crying afterwards, because my favourite show was ending. I obviously didn't understand everything that went on at that age, but I still enjoyed the show regardless. As I grew older, and watched re-runs, I was able to appreciate the show even more.

Thanks for sharing a look back at you at age 13. Very cool. :)

Happy T13. :)

PJ said...

I used to record MTV too, back in the day. Thanks for checking out my TT.

Amy Ruttan said...

I wish I could see some of those great MTV music videos from the 80's. I was 5 in 1983, I remember bits and pieces of M*A*S*H because of my grandfather watching it. I also remember some great MTV videos from the 1980s like Michael Jackson's Thriller and anything by Prince. Of course I am partial to Hungry Like the Wolf!

Happy TT

Unknown said...

I cried when I saw MASH as well. That is still the most powerful show ending ever. And Duran Duran is still an awesome band. I really loved Ah Ha too. :)

Thanks for stopping by my site!

Debby said...

You're a little bit younger than me, but we still carry a lot of the same memories. Great list! Happy Thursday!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Yep, MTV used to play music videos (I knew 'em all, too). Revolutionary thought, isn't it? *grin*

Happy TT!

Carrie said...

you're only a little older than me, so i can relate to most of these! i loved mash and duran duran too, was in girl scouts until jr. high, and played the oboe.

cool list.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

I don't know if it was when I was thirteen, but I got a Yamaha keyboard for Christmas too...or maybe it was for my B.D., which is Dec. 27.

LOL on the Bad News Bears...sounds like fun!

Cinnamon Girl said...

My nickname in highschool was "DDFF." That was short for Duran Duran Fanatic Fan. Ah the golden age of MTV...