Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #29

13 TV Shows that I miss or were cancelled.

Since I can’t watch television at home, I have become nostalgic for the ‘ol days. It’s funny to think about how much TV I used to watch. Now that I only watch things on DVD or on demand by downloading onto my iPod, I am more picky.

  1. ALF – I don’t think I appreciated this show enough when it was on, and now I would like to see it again. He was always so witty. I just added it to my Netflix queue, so I guess I’ll introduce a new generation to the Alien Life Form. Besides, I seem to have a thing for puppets.

  2. Judging Amy - And not just because the main character is named Amy. I just liked this show, especially Amy’s mother, played by Tyne Daly. The show jumped the shark when Amy went to be a judge on criminal court.

  3. E.R. – I assumed the show went off the air when I stopped watching it, but I guess it’s still going. I think it jumped the shark a long time ago. But the old shows were great. I especially liked it when they did a live episode. PS: I created an ER drinking game: Every time they say “intubate,” drink. You could get drunk fast!

  4. The Practice – A show that came on late Sunday night. This lawyer show featured young lawyers that defended murderers, rapists, mobsters, etc. And sometimes you were actually hoping that the lawyers would lose, but they were so good, they would win. Makes you wonder. ASIDE: One of my favorite characters was a strange guy who you were never quite sure if he was a serial killer or just a pretend serial killer. Now this guy is on the show, LOST. Another ASIDE: The current show, Boston Legal, is considered a spinoff.

  5. Ally McBeal - Don’t know why I liked this show so much. It was like watching a train wreck. But I followed it to the end.

  6. Doogie Houser, MD - Cute kid as a doctor. How did the patients feel about having a 16-year-old treat them? How can the hospital allow him to practice?

  7. Northern Exposure - I got totally wrapped up in the happenings of this small Alaskan town and their Jewish doctor from New York. Sometimes, when I think about what he had to go through to adapt to a rougher lifestyle, I can now relate!

  8. Amazing Stories - Every week was a different story. A lot like Alfred Hitchcock Presents or The Twilight Zone.

  9. Trapper, John MD - "Trapper John" from M*A*S*H in as the Chief of Surgery at San Franscico Memorial Hospital. But I remember one character specifically: Gonzo. He lived in an RV in the parking lot.

  10. M*A*S*H* - ‘nuf said.

  11. The Muppet Show - Ah, the good ‘ol days when you can have puppets on primetime TV. I still can’t get enough, and watch the old DVDs with my kids.

  12. Kate & Allie - It’s a show where the premise is so stupid, that you can’t help but watch. Two divorced mothers move in together, and the two moms and various kids have to get along.

  13. Six Feet Under – Only gone for a year or so, but I already miss it. Not only did they end the show, but they show each main character’s death. I guess that takes care of that!
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Carmen said...

i had to give up ER as well. it just got old. Though, I've been tempted to watch John Stamos' new character. But so far, I've left it off the tivo list.

Chaotic Mom said...

I REALLY miss Doogie Houser. I had forgotten about that one until your list!

I've posted my Thursday Thirteen, too. Enjoy! ;)

Frances D said...

I liked Trapper John too. Gonzo used to sun himself on top of the RV remember?
I loved a show called St. Elsewhere. I agree with you about Kate & Allie.
Thank goodness for Blockbuster Online - I just ordered up Third Rock from the Sun & Absolutely Fabulous.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane! We grew up watching the Muppet Show, so it seemed only right to get it when season 1 came out on DVD.

Now I've got a big ole Dr. Teeth smile on my face :)

My Thursday Thirteen are up too.

Anonymous said...

i only watched # 1, 5 and 6 from your list...

hopping from TT

Heather Smith said...

I watched a few of those myself. I also like puppet movies and tv shows. The Muppets Christmas Carol is one of my all-time favorite movies!

Anonymous said...

I used to watch Northern Exposure and Kate and Alley all the time. Have a great TT!

My 13 are up too!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

I loved Northern Exposure. Rob Morrow was great in that. Of course I watch him in Numb3rs. I loved Kate and Allie too.

Have a great TT

Mine are up here

Maribeth said...

You know my TT is all about the fact that TV just stinks this year.
Great list! Mines up too!

Anonymous said...

You know, I've switched the TV with blogging almost completely! It's much more social :-)

Anonymous said...

Great list! I love those shows! The only one I would add would be Sports Night.

Tammy said...

Great TT!! I'm with you on Alf and the muppet show.. I wish that was on for my little girl to watch.

Anonymous said...

I loved ALF and Doogie Houser, MD. I was in grade school when these shows were aired here in the Philippines and I just adored these characters.

I also started appreciatng Ally McBeal only 3 years ago and Judging Amy only a year ago. They are wonderful shows as well.

Happy Thursday!

Anonymous said...

I loved Kate and ALiie and 90210..I think most people stopped watching er when Dr Ross and Dr Green left

Mama Duck said...

ER definitely isn't the same!

Anonymous said...

Oh The Muppet Show! I just LOVED the 2 judges who sat in the balcony and snarked on everyone, and the crazy sweedish chef.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Mash. I used to laugh at Laverne and Shirley. I know there are others but my mind just went blank and won't resume until after I leave here!

There is a little monkey business going on at my place...but it's not obvious.

Chelle Y. said...

Goodness, I forgot about some of those shows! I loved "Alf!"

Great list!

Sally F said...

Good old Doogie. I loved how he wrote in his journal computer at the end of every episode. He was a blogger!

I caught an old episode of The Hogan Family the other day. Kinda cute.

Tracie Nall said...

What a great list!! I used to love ER....but haven't followed it closely for years. I hear that John Stamos is on it now that might change!

Kate and Ally! What a random show that noone seems to remember anymore. I always liked it.

The Practice was a great show--Boston Legal can't even egin to compare!

My TT is up!