Thursday, June 01, 2006

13 Potential Thursday 13 Topics – Help Me Decide What’s Next!

  1. 13 phrases that I find irritatingFor example: “Have a blessed day.”
  2. 13 of my favorite momentsFor example: Having a giggle fit during childbirth class.
  3. 13 things that people tell me to do that I ignore.– For example: Make your bed.
  4. 13 things that chocolate is not good on.For example: Tailpipe hitch.
  5. 13 things that I do not apologize for.For example: I will not attend a party hosted by a person who got suckered by a pyramid-type marketing scheme, like Mary Kay or Amway, especially if they are trying to get people to become distributors too.
  6. 13 of my favorite hoaxes For example: The Well to Hell - Scientists drilling in Siberia went too far and ended up punching a hole through to Hell, where the screams of the damned drifted up to them.
  7. 13 strange medical conditions or terms – For example: Micropenis.
  8. 13 parts of my body that have been broken, fixed, or altered: For example: Ear piercing #1.
  9. 13 things about PCOS (Poly-Cystic Ovary Syndrome) bad and good: For example: Irregular periods.
  10. 13 things that I miss about working for Big Corporation: For example: multiple stalls in the restroom.
  11. 13 things on and under my desk at work: For example: Broken gerbil cage.
  12. 13 things about the 13-year-old Amy the Black. For example: I tried to die my hair blond with hydrogen peroxide but it turned my hair orange instead.
  13. 13 reasons why I should do a Thursday 13 Podcast. For example: I want to do a podcast, and my husband will be teaching about it, so we might as well do one together!

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    Geggie said...

    I'm first!

    I really do want to know why you have a broken gerbil cage under your desk. Very interesting!

    ms blue said...

    All awesome ideas. My vote is for 13 things that you do not apologize for. I'm too much of a sucka and need to read some strong behavior examples.

    Red said...

    Wow, you’re full of interesting ideas!

    I think Number 1 has the potential to run and run... And I’m also intrigued by number 8.

    The Shrone said...

    I love hoaxes, so that would be a good one. I also would like to know more of your irritating phrases. Strange medical terms and conditions is one that would be right up my alley. My TT is up!

    Trish Ess said...

    Totally agree with 1... and I'd love to hear more! :) 4 sounds interesting - so does 5 and 6. I think I dated 7. Ya know what? They *all* sound good. Guess I'm not much help. :)

    Happy TT! Mine are up.

    Froggie Mama said...

    I'd like to hear about 13 of your favorite moments! :) It's all about the moments in life, right?
    Good idea for a T13! I'll be back to visit again!! :)

    Jen said...

    Since I, too, suffer from PCOS, I would like you to do that one! I would say that I am a "Cyster" but if I were making a list of the good and bad things about PCOS, that would go on my bad list.

    My list is up!

    Anonymous said...

    hahaha micropenis...did you read about that in Augusten Burrough's book, Magical Thinking?

    Anonymous said...

    I'd love #12- but I LOVE podcasts!!! so either way...

    Anonymous said...

    Very interesting list this week. Love the side comments. :) uhmmm chocolate might be good on a tailpipe ... gotta try that one. :)

    Anonymous said...

    Those are all great topics I'd enjoy reading about. But I especially want to see #5.

    Fingers To Toes Photography said...

    How on earth do you pick....I would love to read about them all, what a great imagination you have, last night I was struggling with coming up with a topic!

    Anonymous said...

    That was great! A post within a post! I'd like to hear more about what's under your desk!

    Can you believe that I forgot yesterday was Thursday. It's like I created my ow time zone. I posted 13 today! (Friday).

    Spawn of Satan said...

    I wanna know what else you hide under your desk, the gerbil cage got me thinking

    Anonymous said...

    I like 13 phrases that I find irritating-my current top one is when people say "I'm sorry"-let's face it, when someone says "I'm sorry" they are NOT-they might feel a bit bad for you but they are never sorry.

    Angelalpev said...

    Hi there Amy! I'm new to TT and I think I've already like it! But now,I'm stuck on topic ideas..and I love yours!

    Take care.