Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #82

Thursday Thirteen: Mayhem in Creekistan

1. The 3-year-old boy that I watch 3 days a week freaked out Monday morning and didn't want to be at my place. I had to hold him down for about 20 minutes so that he wouldn't run out the door and down the street. He was kicking and screaming the entire time, and even pissed himself. I kept my cool, because I knew that no matter how stubborn he is, I'm more stubborn. He was much better on Wednesday.

2. Monday was warm outside, so I started on the gardening stuff. At least I found the shovel and the hoe. But I noticed some annuals starting to get green.

3. The spring flowers are starting to come up.

4. I'm waiting for my new digital camera to arrive. Hopefully it can take much better pictures than my old one.

5. Speaking of spring, there is an old abandoned house deep in the woods that, every spring, is completely surrounded by beautiful daffodils. We call it the Daffodil House. I'll take pictures.

6. The spring peepers (frogs) are peeping. I love the sound and will stop my car, roll down all the windows, and listen for a while.

7. I got a call from a company that I interviewed with around November last year. They are finally interested in looking to hire me, but lost my resume and want me to send it again. Do they really think I would want to work for a company that disorganized? Besides, I think I like this stay-at-home thing. At least for now.

8. I did call that company back and found out that indeed, the executive had lost my resume and contact information. He made his assistant track me down. Eventually she spoke with someone at my son's elementary school and found me.

9. I felt sad that they went through all that trouble just to find me and then I didn't want to work for them! So I'm working out a freelance/consultative agreement with them instead. Work at home and bill them the hours.

10. I've also become very busy doing postcards and posters for local arts organizations. It's fun work, but they are the toughest customers!

11. Our dog Bandit keeps bringing home deer bones and leaves them on the porch or driveway. My 3-year-old daughter grabbed my hand one day and said that I had to see something. She pointed them out and said, "Look, dinosaur bones!"

12. One day in the car, my daughter started repeating a phrase over and over. I couldn't figure it out at first. I asked her what it was and she said "Austin Powers". I finally figured out was a phrase from Austin Power's Goldmember: "Twins, Basil!"

13. We may have a new dog. One that has just been hanging out but would run away as soon as he saw people. But yesterday I was able to pet him and feed him. Bandit likes him except when I give him attention. But I think the new dog is going to stick around. I'm afraid to name him.


Robin said...

I'm utterly enchanted by the idea of a deserted house in the woods surrounded by daffodils. There's a story in there somewhere just calling out to be written.

Britni said...

I've had a couple of people call me when they finally got a chance to look at my resume. Normally it's about six months after I started looking for a job.

Unknown said...

You spoke of spring that reeled me tired of snow. Happy TT.

pussreboots said...

I'd love to see photos of the daffodil house. Happy TT.

Natalie said...

can't wait to see this house you speak of! my dafodils/janquils are already blooming! happy TT!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like controlled chaos to me. :) Happy TT

Janet said...

I cannot WAIT to see that daffodil picture!!!