Thursday, November 08, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #69

13 Things that Happened This Week

1. The shingles are almost all on the house, with a few hard-to-reach spots still left bear. Hopefully that will be done soon!

2. I joined The FlyLady's mailing list - She help with reminders and suggestions for housecleaning and organizing, something I need. So far, I've cleaned my ceiling fans and kept my refrigerator clean, all in about 15 minutes a day.

3. My husband and a friend started their fall deer hunting. Right now they can hunt with a bow. So far, Humans 0, Bambi 1.

4. We cleaned out the storage bin that we've had since we moved to Creekistan. It contained all the stuff we didn't really need and furniture we didn't want in the way while we work. It's all sitting in the Bee House now. I may never need that stuff again.

5. I'm just about done transferring landscaping to my yard from a friend's yard. They recently purchased the house and don't want the bushes and plants that the previous owners planted for better curb appeal. I think they are crazy, but I'll take the free stuff!

6. It's getting cold, so now I have to get out the winter stuff and put away the summer stuff. Seems that my kids have outgrown the winter stuff from last year and now I need to find them warmer clothes.

7. I decided to start an eBay consignment business, tentatively named "Git-R-Gone". A lot of the folks around here have junk they want to sell but don't know how to use eBay. That's where I come in! My first client has some "collec table" burlap bags. We'll have to see how that goes!

8. While cleaning out the storage bin, I found out that I have too many kids books--if that is possible! I love having lots of books around, but I don't have enough shelves. I may have to purge some and donate them to the library.

9. I did manage to find my favorite children's chapter book, "Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles," and have been reading it to my kids. I recommend this book to everyone, adult or kid. It was given to me on my 9th birthday and has seen better days, but it can still be read and loved.

10. I'm putting the final touches on my husband's dissertation for his doctorate. Since he's a composer, it's a musical score, but not an ordinary score. It's very graphical and contains sections that call for particular beans to be placed in wood or metal bowls or balloons with rice inside to be swirled around. It's not easy trying to put that into picture/musical score form.

11. I also finished my Mother's Christmas letter. Since I do graphic design, I created the border and placed the text inside. I'm arguing with her about not using red text--I've always recommended staying away from red as it is hard on the eyes. She wants it to have a festive look. What do you think?

12. I, on the other hand, still have Halloween decorations to put away, let alone think about Christmas. But trips to the stores are a tempting reminder since they already have the trees up and decorated.

13. I managed to shoot an arrow into and help kill a large, grumpy possum that was irritating us. Something must have been wrong with it since it wouldn't move from it's spot in our yard. I didn't feel bad about killing it--I was probably doing it a favor as well as protecting my children. My family was impressed, especially my son, since I had to use his bow and arrow.


Anonymous said...

Nice Thursday post! I love Thursdays because Earl, the Office, Greys Anatomy, and ER are all on! That means no laundry after 7:30! I have posted my thursday blog come on over and visit!


jenn said...

Gir-R-Gone is great.
Happy TT!

Janet said...

My high school boyfriend's dad owned a sawdust factory and had TONS of burlap bags. That's what they make me think of lol.

Anonymous said...

Great TT. I have a question though: If it is Humans 0 and Bambi 1, does that mean Bambi was able to shoot a human? LOL.

Have a great day.

ms blue said...

Best of luck with "Git-R-Gone."

As for your Mother's Christmas letter, maybe she could include some festive images or go with dark green text.

Penny said...

LMBO @ So far, Humans 0, Bambi 1!

I agree that a true red text is hard on the eyes. Maybe you could compromise & use a deeper shade of red for said text!

She Became a Butterfly said...

composers--gotta love 'em anyway! haha

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Cool! You can use a bow and arrow!

I'll have to tell my son I read about you doing that. He'll dig it.

Hope the eBay stuff goes well! I hear you about the books. I bought a bunch at the kids' book fair at school today. Ulp!

Happy TT!

Anonymous said...

One time when we were remodeling, we had a sleeper sofa and that's what we were sleeping on in the living room. I woke up in the middle of the night because I heard something...a possum had somehow crawled through a hole in the wall in the kitchen and was rummaging through the garbage can!! Great list!

Anonymous said...

Joe is hunting as we speak.

You're not going to say anything about the scary creature on the header?

How about maroon? Red reminds me of teacher's pointing out mistakes.

Marilyn said...

I'm a brand new flybaby too... but I'm still mostly grounded. Just getting my morning and evening routines really going.

When I use red text on a sign I try to break it up with other colors. It seems to be a little more readable that way and uses the color to indicate a change in the message. What works for signs may not work on the page though.

Anonymous said...

Lucky animals. having arrows shot into them for people's sport!

Casey Moonshadow said...
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Zenmomma said...

Oops, originally posted under my dd's account. I did Fly Lady for awhile. I've sort of lost my way. lol

Anonymous said...

If she insists on red, make it maroon. When are you headed back to O-Town next?