Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Big Storm: Monday, September 19th 2005

Sleeping in a metal trailer during a thunderstorm in a forest is a little scary.

I had a “horror movie” experience before the storm: I woke up and heard the storm in the distance. It wasn’t raining yet, but the wind was picking up. I laid there for a minute and remembered all the things that were sitting out that could blow away or get wet. So, in my nightgown, I threw on my shoes and the headlamp so that I could see. The headlamp straps around your head and has a flashlight that looks like it’s sticking out of your forehead. It’s a way of having light and being able to use both your hands.

So I went outside in the dark and wind, scurrying around, trying to get everything taken care of. It was REALLY dark. There were a lot of leaves blowing around. There were also hickory nuts and walnuts flying off of the trees making very loud noises as they hit the ground or roof. I was hoping not to get hit by one. First, I got the toys out of the little tent we set up. I then put the cover on the tent so that the inside wouldn’t get wet. I was going really fast, but I was able to do it. I then gathered all the newspaper we’ve been using to start fires and put them in a container under the trailer. Then I found all the cooking stuff and put them into the grill. I also put our rugs on the closeline—hopefully the rain would wash the mud off of them. I also found Michaels boots. I put everything into the trailer.

Good thing we don’t have a dog or cat—I could just hear my son saying, “Don’t leave Sparky outside!” and just as I got the dog into the trailer, a gust of wind would blow me away.

Last but not least, both boys needed to go pee. Luckily for them, all they had to do was stick their dingers out the door and go.

The storm was brief but loud, but nothing happened, thank goodness.

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