Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #81

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Thursday Thirteen: Life in Creekistan

1. My son and I were listening to NPR this morning in the car. The station wasn't coming in very good and we would lose the signal with a buzzing sound. So we pretended that the people on NPR were actually flys with giant heads, buzzing around a microphone.

2. We wanted to watch the lunar eclipse last night, but it was too cold. So we sat in the car and watched from our driveway.

3. We already received our Girl Scout cookies, and half are already eaten.

4. With being sick these past two weeks, I've come to realize that Pirates of the Carabbean At Worlds End makes a great movie to put in while you're taking a nap. It's so long, that I can usually fall asleep during the beginning, take a nice nap during the middle, and wake back up in time to see the end.

5. We've been watching a lot of Star Trek lately. Mainly Voyager and Deep Space Nine. Great science fiction crust with a wonderful morality play center. Yum.

6. Since we were all sick on Valentines Day, we didn't get to celebrate. We've decided on a new holiday: Go Crazy at Jungle Jims Day. You wouldn't believe this store if you haven't seen it. Check it out here. We're planning on traveling there and spending the day. I have to make a giant shopping list, first.

7. I've decided that when I grow up, I want to be a Script Supervisor. I'm always spotting continuity problems in movies.

8. When I told my son the above fact, he said, very delicately, "Um. . . . but you are grown up." Then we argued: "No I'm not!" "Yes you are!" "Not" "Are" Not" "Are" "Not infinity."

9. Whenever I move my front passenger seat up so that my son can have more leg room, my husband accuses me of having someone else in the car. I tease that I'm having an affair with a midget.

10. I still can't teach my daughter knock knock jokes. I say, "Knock Knock," she says "Who's there?" and no matter what I say, she just starts laughing before I get to finish the joke.

11. Speaking of my daughter, she's been wanting to wear pretty dresses all the time. I don't have many. But it is cute when we go out because she also wears rubber boots. She's such a country girl.

12. I recently found out that sometimes, late at night when me and my kids are asleep, my daughter will get up and go downstairs to spend quality time with my husband. They snack, watch a movie, and cuddle on the comfy chair.

13. My husband can play "Tubular Bells," the theme from the movie "The Exorcist" on the toy xylophone. Creepy.


Anonymous said...

Right after the comment about all the eaten cookies came the one about being sick. Related? Do you know what a gaffer is?

Janet said...

I'm TOTALLY with you on #4!!!

(M)ary said...

Oh, I love Star Trek, especially Deep Space Nine! DS9 covers lots of deep issues like religion, war, politics.


That last one was the most creepy and unique fact I have ever heard about anyone on a blog. :-)