Saturday, October 18, 2008

Are you an Undecided Voter? Here's Some Help!

Okay, the debates are over. We have three more weeks of Presidential campaigning to go, and there is still talk about those 'undecided' voters. I thought I'd help out those people by giving them tools and methods they can use to help decide between McCain and Obama.

1. Flip a coin. This may sound really easy, but you have to chose who gets heads and who gets tails. Have a friend help you. Click Here.

2. I-Ching - In Asia, the I Ching (Book of Change) has been a basis for divination. Click Here.

3. Magic Eight Ball

4. Ouija Board

5. Go with Betting Odds

6. Bibliomancy - Bibliomancy is the practice of seeking spiritual insight by selecting a random passage from a Holy Book. Click Here.

7. Chat with a Psychic Robot

8. Ask a Child - You'll be surprised with how honest they are.

9. Cow Dump. Here in Creekistan, sometimes things get decided with the aid of a cow. Here's how: Divide up a small field in equal squares. Mark each square with a red or blue mark--one for McCain, one for Obama. Feed the cow, then let them onto the field. The winner is decided when the cow leaves a pile in one of those squares.

10. Go to VoteHelp - VoteHelp is a nonpartisan candidate calculator that compares your views to those of Barack Obama and John McCain.