Tuesday, October 31, 2006


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Call me sick. Call me morbid. Say that I’m laughing in the face of death. Ghoul Pool. I didn’t come up with the idea, but I thought it would be a lot of fun to start a Ghoul Pool in my office. We’re pretty small, so it would be easy to maintain. Plus it’s fun!

I don’t wish anyone to die. But it is an interesting thing to think about and try to predict the demise of famous people. It makes you wonder about what makes us mortal, what activities bring us closer to death, and reflect upon the fact that even famous (or infamous) people die.


Each contestant will enter a list of 12 celebrities and one Under 30 Bonus Pick, worth 25 extra points, for a total of 13 picks. Celebrity picks are those individuals that you guess will die between October 31, 2006 and October 30, 2007. Points are determined by subtracting your celeb's age (at death) by 100.


  • All candidates must be sufficiently well-known that their deaths make national news. If you are unsure, check the website http://www.nndb.com/.
  • Keep track of your picks, inform an Administrator if a death occurs!
  • No editing of lists may take place once the game begins.
  • No offing the candidates who appear on your list.
  • No offing of the other participants of the Ghoul Pool.
  • Condemned criminals are not allowed on the list.
  • Make sure they are alive when you put them on your list.
  • Death = cessation of life, a permanent, irreversible condition

Here are my Ghoulish Picks:

  • Jerry Lewis - Actor, Telethon Guy
  • Dick Clark - TV Personality
  • Muhammad - Ali Boxer
  • Gerald Ford - Former President
  • Annette Funicello - Mouseketeer
  • Eminem - Rapper
  • Steven Hawkings - Big Brain
  • Prince Charles - Royalty
  • Ray Bradbury - Author
  • Edward Furlong - Actor, Terminator 2
  • Michael J. Fox - Actor
  • Courtney Love - Musician(?)
  • Bonus Under 30 Pick (25 extra points) : Mary-Kate Olsen - Actor

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Friday, October 27, 2006

Fortune Cookie

Your Fortune Is

Man who walk through airport door sideways is going to Bangkok.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #40

I have been participating in the Thursday Thirteen Forums. I posted a message on there with several ideas for topics or themes that people could steal if they were stuck. Well, here I am on Thursday, stuck for an idea of a topic. So I took a page from my own book:

13 Things About the 13-year-old Amy the Black

  1. After watching The Outsiders, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0086066/, I was inspired to color my hair with peroxide. My hair turned orange.

  2. I was a huge Duran Duran fan. http://www.duranduran.com/

  3. I watched so much MTV that I could name the artist, song, and album of a video before the text would appear in the bottom left-hand corner. It was a game I would play. But that was when MTV played Music Videos all the time.

  4. I always had a VCR hooked up and ready to record. I still have a few tapes that capture MTV during it’s early days.

  5. I was a good clarinet player. In fact, I was considered one of the best in my age group in the area.

  6. I had a really nice 12-speed bike that was black, red and silver. I used to ride it everywhere I could. I kept the bike until about 5 years ago. I hadn’t used it in ages, but couldn’t part with it, either.

  7. I collected unicorns. Anything with a unicorn on it was good enough for me: stickers, posters, figurines, purses, t-shirts, etc.

  8. I was active in Girl Scouts. I belonged to a small, but close-knit troop. We weren’t into the uniforms and formal stuff. If we had to go to a city-wide event, we looked more like the Bad News Bears. But we didn’t care.

  9. I wanted to play synthesizers in a Rock/Pop band, just like my idol, Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran.

  10. I got a Yamaha keyboard for Christmas. I was thrilled, even though it wasn’t a large-scale keyboard. I still played it all the time.

  11. I had started to collect LPs of the music I liked. You know, actual vinyl records. But I figured out a way to record them onto cassette so that I could play them on my Walkman.

  12. I was 13 in 1983. Okay, so now do the math.

  13. I was a fan of of the TV show, M*A*S*H*. I was 13 when the show ended with it’s record-breaking and haunting final episode. I cried. One scene in particular has stayed with me ever since. It is the scene where Hawkeye is in a bus filled with refugees trying to hide from an enemy patrol. Everyone on the bus knew that they had to be absolutely quiet or they might all be killed by the North Koreans. A mother was holding her baby, when it started to cry. She smothered her child.

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #30

13 Things That Happened to Me in the Past Two Weeks
Yeah, I know: I didn’t post a Thursday Thirteen last week. I was out of town. Here’s what happened:

  1. I went to an outdoor wedding for a good friend. The weather was actually very nice. I was able to bring both kids and we all partied until we couldn’t party no more!

  2. I had a business trip to Denver for a tradeshow. The hotel we had made reservations with, the Grand Hyatt, didn’t have a double double room, so they put Aimee the Red and I on the “secure” top floor with a great view and a free lounge. Aimee slept on a roll-a-way bed until they moved our room, across the hall, to one with two double beds.

  3. We’re not 100% sure, but we think Kathy Lee Gifford was staying on the secure floor with us. She was in town to do a musical about the Red Hat Society.

  4. We were exhibitors at the tradeshow, so we had to stay around our booth for 6 hours, two days in a row. My feet have yet to recover!

  5. On one side of our booth were a couple of guys who we seemed to get along with. They challenged us to an early-morning game of basketball, which we accepted. So we got up at 5:30 am, walked in the cold to their hotel, and played basketball. We gave them a run for their money!

  6. On the other side of our booth was a company that included a couple young, handsome guys dressed as cowboys. Not bad to look at all day!

  7. A booth across from us offered free chair massages. During a slow time, I took advantage of the situation and MAN, did it feel good!

  8. As you may know from a previous blog entry, I danced at the bar at Coyote Ugly. I wasn’t drunk—I just wanted to say that I’d done it!

  9. I had made a request of the piano man at the hotel lobby, Moondance. I tipped him a little, and then every time he saw me, he’d play that tune again. So I had to keep tipping him!

  10. I got to have dinner with my old friend, Sandi the Red, who I grew up with and now lives in Denver. We had great Indian food and lots of talk!

  11. We rented a car and drove to Boulder. Boulder was awesome, especially Pearl Street. We met two brothers of a friend of Aimee the Red’s. The brothers, and their friends were all very cool.

  12. We agreed to watch one of our godsons for the weekend. My husband drove 2 hours to go pick him up. On the way back, our godson got carsick. He projectile vomited as soon as the tires hit our driveway. Why couldn’t he have waited a few seconds?

  13. Aimee the Red told me about a car accident she had when she was in high school. She slid on some fresh tar, hit a construction truck, and the car behind her hit her. She was cited, but contested and won! When talking to our good friend and neighbor, I found out that she was the one that hit Aimee the Red. Small world!

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

On the Bar in Denver

Lots of people, upon hearing that I danced on the bar at Coyote Ugly in Denver, wanted proof. Why was that? Did they think that I wouldn’t do it? Am I not outgoing enough? Well, here’s the proof: a picture taken from Aimee the Red’s camera phone. Sure, the picture isn’t that good, but it’s definitely me.

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #29

13 TV Shows that I miss or were cancelled.

Since I can’t watch television at home, I have become nostalgic for the ‘ol days. It’s funny to think about how much TV I used to watch. Now that I only watch things on DVD or on demand by downloading onto my iPod, I am more picky.

  1. ALF – I don’t think I appreciated this show enough when it was on, and now I would like to see it again. He was always so witty. I just added it to my Netflix queue, so I guess I’ll introduce a new generation to the Alien Life Form. Besides, I seem to have a thing for puppets.

  2. Judging Amy - And not just because the main character is named Amy. I just liked this show, especially Amy’s mother, played by Tyne Daly. The show jumped the shark when Amy went to be a judge on criminal court.

  3. E.R. – I assumed the show went off the air when I stopped watching it, but I guess it’s still going. I think it jumped the shark a long time ago. But the old shows were great. I especially liked it when they did a live episode. PS: I created an ER drinking game: Every time they say “intubate,” drink. You could get drunk fast!

  4. The Practice – A show that came on late Sunday night. This lawyer show featured young lawyers that defended murderers, rapists, mobsters, etc. And sometimes you were actually hoping that the lawyers would lose, but they were so good, they would win. Makes you wonder. ASIDE: One of my favorite characters was a strange guy who you were never quite sure if he was a serial killer or just a pretend serial killer. Now this guy is on the show, LOST. Another ASIDE: The current show, Boston Legal, is considered a spinoff.

  5. Ally McBeal - Don’t know why I liked this show so much. It was like watching a train wreck. But I followed it to the end.

  6. Doogie Houser, MD - Cute kid as a doctor. How did the patients feel about having a 16-year-old treat them? How can the hospital allow him to practice?

  7. Northern Exposure - I got totally wrapped up in the happenings of this small Alaskan town and their Jewish doctor from New York. Sometimes, when I think about what he had to go through to adapt to a rougher lifestyle, I can now relate!

  8. Amazing Stories - Every week was a different story. A lot like Alfred Hitchcock Presents or The Twilight Zone.

  9. Trapper, John MD - "Trapper John" from M*A*S*H in as the Chief of Surgery at San Franscico Memorial Hospital. But I remember one character specifically: Gonzo. He lived in an RV in the parking lot.

  10. M*A*S*H* - ‘nuf said.

  11. The Muppet Show - Ah, the good ‘ol days when you can have puppets on primetime TV. I still can’t get enough, and watch the old DVDs with my kids.

  12. Kate & Allie - It’s a show where the premise is so stupid, that you can’t help but watch. Two divorced mothers move in together, and the two moms and various kids have to get along.

  13. Six Feet Under – Only gone for a year or so, but I already miss it. Not only did they end the show, but they show each main character’s death. I guess that takes care of that!
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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Of Amish, Robots, and Dry Clothes

I am extremely sad to hear about the Amish girls that were killed yesterday. I have always admired the Amish and their devotion to their beliefs. Living in an area where there are some Amish and Mennonite families, I have come into contact with them on occasion. We make trips to an Amish store where we get wonderful baked goods and non-perishable cooking supplies. We have purchased building supplies for our home at a quality and price that far beats the home improvement superstores.

Of course, the Amish don’t have a website where you can get the latest information about them. But other people have done it for them: http://www.oacountry.com/Amish-Etiquette.htm

My son has been obsessed by robots. He spends much of his free time designing and drawing robots that do various things. A pastime that I heartily encourage.

My son had his notebook of robot drawings with him at the Laundromat when an Amish family came in to dry some clothes. First I was shocked that they would be there, but I figured that even though they don’t like electricity and modern conveniences at home, they probably utilize them elsewhere. Besides, it was raining really hard, and I’m sure they couldn’t get clothes dry by hanging them outside!. There were several boys about my son’s age, and a couple of young girls. I’m never quite sure how to approach the Amish, so I just smile and stay to myself. But my son, who is never shy, was glad to have some potential playmates. I didn’t stop him when he approached the Amish boys and asked if they wanted to see his robot drawings.

I watched in amusement as my son started explaining the different robots to these boys, who had no idea what a robot was. After a few minutes, he had gone thorough his drawings and was trying to get the boys to give him new ideas for robots. They just laughed. “You know, like in ‘Star Wars!’” he said, obviously becoming frustrated. I didn’t stop him. I just smiled and kept folding clothes. The other boys didn’t say a thing except to introduce themselves.

My 19-month-old daughter went right to a young Amish girl, who immediately picked her up. They were both content for a long time, so I was happy. I know that if there is the best babysitter in the world, it would have to be a young Amish woman. How wonderful and peaceful they are.

In the car ride home, I had to explain to my son why the other boys didn’t help him with his robot designs. That they don’t know a lot about electricity, they especially don’t know much about computers, and that the idea of a robot is completely new to them. That they are peaceful people that prefer to live away from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

I can’t believe that there is a soul in the world that would have a grudge against the Amish. But I guess no one is immune to the horrors that plague the world.