Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thursday 13: 13 Things Written On The Walls In My Creekistan Home.

  1. It’s an ant – your dream doll. The origin of this phrase has dubious beginnings that I no longer remember, but we continue to use it on occasions.
  2. Where’s Gesualdo? Gesualdo is a long-dead composer. We thought it was a funny parody of the Where’s Waldo craze.
  3. Eat at Ron’s – buy one squirrel git one free. Ron is helping with the construction. He actually eats squirrel, freshly killed.
  4. 4 rounds of 5 throws Before the floor was installed, we created a game in the living room we called Rat Tail. It was a tennis ball with a rope stuck into it. We tried to throw it into a box. We had drawn boundaries and points on the floor and the rules on the wall.
  5. 3 of 5 for extra throw
  6. String worth ½ For times when the ball missed but the string got into the box.
  7. Cat worth 100 Nicky didn’t like this game, so it was very difficult to score on this.
  8. Divide your flatulence into two partials and you will find great satisfaction Perhaps in the future I will finish this line of “Fortune Cookie Messages You Will Never Receive.”
  9. An electric jolt ripped through my whole clavicle I said that and my husband wrote it down.
  10. For a good time call Amy at 765-4567. $0.99 per minute. Ron said that it should only take a couple of minutes anyway.
  11. What’s under here? Written on a wall with questionable durability. We are almost afraid to look because we may not like what we find. Termites?
  12. Carolina’s Room One of the former residents had marked her territory.
  13. Wow! A quote from my daughter that we wrote on the wall.

NOTE: These are walls that are unfinished, have old wallpaper, or otherwise will be replaced. We don't normally go around writing on our GOOD walls.

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Bubba & Bugs mom said...

i like # 3 the best

Anonymous said...

hee hee. I can't beleive the cat won't play.

Anonymous said...

Wild! I love # 2 & 3. We don't write on walls much here, but we do have a half sketched out mushroom mural that one of my son's did when he was young that I've covered over with a tapestry. I'll have to go investigate what else!

Messages you won't find in fortune cookies would make a great post.

The Shrone said...

We have numerous dry erase boards all over the house so we don't write on the walls. Great TT list!

Jen said...

Can I come hang out at your house? You guys sound GREAT!

My T13 is up :-)

Michelle said...

I don't think I will be eating at Ron's anytime soon :) Great list
My TT is up

Reverberate58 said...

So are these walls you are working on redoing or you just like to write on your walls? Very interesting list, and I agree with Mommy@home, I have no plans to eat at Ron's!!
My T13 is up. I hope you are having a terrific Thursday!

Carmen said...

i like the 'wow' quote :)

Trish Ess said...

LMAO - Too funny! You should see if the cat will play if you tie the string to his tail. ;P

Happy TT!
Mine are up. :)

lisa said...

Cool list.. Thanks for sharing. Happy 13 :)

AuntieM said...

I used to write on walls and I miss doing that. This was when I was younger and didn't know better, or the place was so torn up from construction, we had fun with it.
My TT is up.

Anonymous said...

Keep us posted on what you find in # 11 - maybe a treasure is hidden in there!
Happy Thursday!

Nature Girl said...

LOL Great game. I love that you write on the walls. Great TT...I played too. Stacie

Margaret said...

We haven't written on our walls here. (knock on wood) But whoever lived here before sure did! Every now and then I find something and it is fun to figure out. Our white ceiling.. written in white crayon and only visable when the sun shines in a certain way reads, "Purple Peeple Eater" (spelled like that) It sure makes us wonder. Great List. -Margie

Anonymous said...

LOL interesting list. At first I was wondering why you had a bunch of random things written on the walls until I saw the end. It's neat that you and your family could make such creative use of the space!

Anonymous said...

cool TT :)