Saturday, February 07, 2009

Photos of the 2009 Ice Storm

We're finally melting! But here are photos that I finally had time (and electric) to upload them.

^My nemesis tree, a Black Walnut, dropped another branch on my car. This time, it didn't do any damage. But it's getting closer to becoming a stump unless it stops throwing branches and walnuts at me.

^ As you can see, everything was covered with white snow and encased in ice. Sure it was beautiful, but dangerous too. Branches and big chunks of ice were falling everywhere. Every so often, you could hear something that sounded like a chandelier crashing to the floor or a gunshot going off as a tree finally broke in half and fell.

It was very dark at night.

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Unknown said...

Happy WW! You should go to those same spots and shoot photos of the look in the spring!

I invite your blog readers to enjoy the penultimate Bear Hug with us...

peace, Villager