Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #92

Thursday Thirteen Rant

1. Okay, it's been a while. I've been really busy with vacations, parties, and finally fixing the walls in the living room.
2. The living room walls are a wreck. First, there was wallpaper, but no ordinary wallpaper--it seemed like it really was just paper. Secondly, in some spots, the wallpaper was applied directly to the wallboard. When trying to remove the wallpaper, I also seem to remove some wallboard.
3. Yes, I do have to remove the wallpaper. I tried to paint over it, but the primer made it bubble!
4. The county fair starts this Sunday, but I don't have any projects completed. The only thing I can enter right now is a photograph. I would love to complete a Halloween decoration, but my kitchen is torn up.
5. You heard me right, the kitchen is torn up. My husband is trying to apply a back splash. But as everything seems to be going lately, it's not as easy as it looks.
6. On top of everything, my husband has quit smoking. He's popping nicotine candy, but he's still really grumpy. Not very good when you're trying to do construction projects!
7. There is a party on Saturday to celebrate my husband getting his Doctorate. It's at our neighbors house (thank goodness!).
8. I've started new medications that usually have unpleasant side-effects. But so far, so good!
9. All the scraping of the wallpaper has made my right arm sore. I try to use my left, but it's never as good.
10. My garden is not doing so well. Rabbits and deer are eating some things. Other things just didn't want to grow. And my daughter pulled up the id markers, so I don't know what's growing!
11. Spiders are upset because we're kicking them out of the living room. I don't care--it's not like they don't have an entire forest to live in. They've gotten spoiled.
12. Yesterday, I got to flip off the "Straight Talk Express." Yep, McCain was within 30 miles of Creekistan!
13. I hope that by the end of the summer, I'll have the living room done--complete with wall- and floor-boards. And I'll be able to sit down and enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

Amy the Black is back! Flip him one off for me! July has been going like gang busters. It's like I've been nibbled to death and left unweeded.

Janet said...

Gah, spiders, YUCK! Found one on my bed last night, gave it a good pounding.