Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #88

13 Gross Things In Creekistan

1. People who throw bags of dirty diapers out of their car window. I can't figure it out! Camping? Or is it a creature that finds the bag in the trash and drags it away.

2. Speaking of trash, we drug up over 40 used tires that were rolled down into the creek. The slime and mosquito larvae that collected in the tires was very gross.

3. The Bee House used to contain a large hive of honeybees and now houses only honeybee carcasses. Years of dead bees were collected between panes of a window and are stacked about a foot high.

4. The black-headed vultures around here are known to attack newborn calfs, killing them by pecking their eyes out and attacking their anus.

5. Vultures also projectile vomit. Can you imagine the smell of vomited rotted roadkill?

6. Can't wait until the infestation of thousands of millipedes on my front porch, eventually sneaking under my door and into the house. You can't take a step without the gross crunching sound.

7. Last Spring, my dog ate a fawn.

8. During the Fall deer hunting season, hunters will field dress a killed deer by emptying out it's guts, cutting off it's head and legs, and skinning it. Those are the items that my dog brings home. Good morning! Deer guts, anyone?

9. Some people throw out pop bottles filled with used chewing tobacco.

10. I've noticed that bees, yellowjackets, wasps, etc. like dead animals too.

11. My cat loves to kill mice. But she only eats the good parts and leaves the head, tail, and guts on the floor for us to find. Or worse: step on.

12. We have some very large wolf spiders that live in the attic. They are the size of a hand. If I find one, I try to vacuum it up, but I had one that held on so tight, I couldn't. I just left the house for a while.

13. We see spiders all the time. What worries me, are the ones we don't see.



Anonymous said...

I would say that's very brave of the that man to do that to the animal. Was it hunting time?

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

Wow, those were all pretty gross!

marcia@joyismygoal said...

ok oooohh yewyuck

Anonymous said...

Oh uh........ I got to number 5 and projectiled my lunch. Great list - yikes!

Denise Patrick said...

Don't expect me to come for a visit any time soon! I'll be satisfied with a cyber-friendship. You understand, don't you?

Great gross list! Happy TT!

kay said...

Yuk. You may get the prize for gross! You are in the heartland, and I am in the south, but people are still nasty aren't they? We have a farm that we visit on weekends, and I pick up trash on our road frontage. Yuk, again. I wear a rubber glove, use tongs, and fill up a big garbage bag. I'll just never understand people throwing trash from the vehicle.

pussreboots said...

OK... you win. Yuck! Happy TT.

Melanie said...

You are the WINNER! I have read quite a few gross TT's today and nothing comes close...Congratulations! :)

Unknown said...

Ewww, this is the grossest set of gross I've seen all day.

tiarastantrums said...

Oh, does this bring back memories of my childhood. I grew up on a farm in rural IA - this had me laughing AND the sad thing . . . I wasn't the least bit grossed out ! HA HA HA