Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Put on Your Mushroom Eyes

It's now the wonderful time of year in Creekistan when everyone gets a little mushroom crazy. The Morel mushrooms are coming up! In some places in Appalachia, they are called "Molly Moochers."

We have a great spot for these prized mushrooms on our property. So prized, in fact, that we have to scare away mushroom hunters all the time. People around here tend to stop their car and start roaming the forests for mushrooms. I don't think they care if they are on private property or not. But I care! We value these mushrooms and use them for ourselves.

The whole family goes mushroom hunting, except for the dog, Bandit. Aptly named, Bandit will eat the mushrooms if he finds any. So we have to keep him tied up and barking when we hunt for morels.

First, we put on long pants and boots. Some of our property used to be a glass dumping place for long-gone former residents. We try to stay away for that area, but protect our feet from broken glass anyway. Then we grab mesh bags that we've saved all winter--the kind that onions or some fruits come in. Mesh bags allow proper ventilation of our precious mushrooms. Last, but not least, we put on our mushroom eyes.

Mushroom eyes help you to focus and see the mushrooms that have the magical ability to hide in plain site. You can be looking right at a morel and not even see it! But once you've used your mushroom eyes and had seen a mushroom, then you can see even more. It's like they magically appear!

We're going out, right now to see if we can find some. Even if we don't return with mushrooms, it's still a good excuse to explore the forest and enjoy nature.

Wish us luck!


Janet said...

pictures, please! The title of your post reminded me of when Aragorn asked Legolas, "What do your elf eyes see?" LMAO!

MK Stover said...

I love the mushroom eyes. That's a great way to put it (and your daughter -?- illustrates it very well); that's exactly what it's like.
Thanks for stopping over at my place and I'm glad I can come over here to visit. I'm loving the outdoor springtime adventures.
Judging from your posts, your spring came a bit earlier than ours, though in Ohio you must be slightly (at least) further north. I'm in WV on the western slopes of the Alleghenies, so the elevation must be why we're slower to sprout.