Monday, May 07, 2007

. . . Another Door Opens

"I lost my job." Such a funny phrase. Where did it go? Where was it the last time you worked? Joking aside, I was terminated from my "dream" job about a week ago. I can't say I didn't see it coming. For some reason, the boss had it in for me and was looking for any reason to fire me. And when you look for something, you usually can find it.

Now I'm the latest and greatest Stay-At-Home-Mom. Probably the most difficult job ever. But there is plenty to do in Creekistan, especially this time of year. My two-year-old loves the fact that I don't drop her off at daycare every day, and my 6-year-old loves having his mother in the afternoon after school. My husband loves the fact that I make breakfast in the morning and may even pack his lunch.

So far, so good. Any tips, suggestions for activities, and adult interaction would be greatly appreciated.

At least I can blog more.


Janet said...

I'm sorry that you lost your job...couldn't happen at a better time of year, tho, your kids will be thrilled!

Julie said...

Commiserations on the job. Same thing happened to me last year. Been in the same job for 28 years then a new boss comes along and decides I don't fit his way of doing things - I'm out and a younger, cheaper person, with no experience or loyalty, is in. It sucks big time.