Thursday, April 05, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #49

13 Things that My Grabber Is Good At

  1. Grabbing garbage on the side of the road. Why do people think its okay to throw their stuff out the window? I hate that! I just want to follow them home and throw my garbage on their yard. But then again, they may not care.

  2. Grabbing chunks of deer hair that the dog somehow brought back to the house. During deer hunting season, some people field dress their deer, cutting out the stuff they want to keep and leaving the rest for my dog to find.

  3. Grabbing dead, frozen moles that the dog dug up.

  4. Picking up toys. Don’t worry, I clean it first. Don’t want deer hair and mole residue getting on my kids’ stuff!

  5. Picking up laundry. It sure beats bending over and it’s a lot more fun this way.

    Getting things from under the bed. You know, that elusive sock that’s just out of arms reach.

  6. Grabbing things that have fallen behind furniture.

  7. Picking up small sticks in the yard. Small stick help make big fires. I like fire.

  8. Chasing the kids around the house saying “I’m going to get you!”

  9. Being chased around the house by a 2-year-old with a grabber while she repeats “Get You!”

  10. Launching rocks--an activity that my son loves. He get a rock in the grabber, rests it on his shoulder, and then quickly launches it at the dog. This activity was what ruined my first grabber.

  11. Grabbing my husband in inappropriate places. Keeps him on his toes!

  12. Grabbing dead mice that the cat is playing with in the middle of the night. Then launching the dead mouse over the deck for the dog to find.

  13. My favorite: capturing a LIVE flying squirrel and launching it over the deck so that we can all watch it “fly.” The cat somehow finds these squirrels and sneaks them into the house. I have only done this once, but look forward to the next time. I got the squirrel by the head, gathered the children to watch, opened the door, and launched it as hard as I could. We watched it fly, land, and run away. I considered it a learning experience for both my children and the squirrel.


Nancy J. Bond said...

My MIL has one of these and uses it for reaching higher shelf items and things on the floor -- saves her a lot of grunts and groans. :) Good list!

TeaMouse said...

Too funny!

Unknown said...

This was a great list..I will not read another one like it

Nicholas said...

Good list. I saw those things on sale in Walgreens. Maybe I should have bought one. I'm not sure how my wife would appreciate being grabbed in inappropriate places though.

Janet said...

:-( #s 10 & 13 sound so mean :-(