Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #23

13 Things I Did This Week.

  1. I finished weeding the garden that I have been neglecting. I found a huge zucchini, some beans, a jalapeno, and a cucumber. Now that the weeds are gone and I can see the garden, I hope to see more things grow.

  2. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I got stung 10 times by yellow jackets. The stings only hurt for a few minutes, but itched really bad for a few days.

  3. I ratted on the yellow jackets, and now the nest is destroyed. I pointed to them, like in a bad courtroom television show, and said, “There they are!”

  4. I went to Louisville, KY for a tradeshow. Nothing exciting to report. The drive was nice!

  5. Finished listening to the book “Twisted” by Jonathan Kellerman. Took three weeks, but I finally did it. You always have to finish a murder-mystery book, just to see if my guess of who did it was right. I was right.

  6. Finally got “Lost,” Season 2 on my new video iPod. Awesome show.

  7. On a related item, I got the cables so that I can watch my video iPod on the TV.

  8. Saved a dog. A friend of mine was about ready to give up his dog because she showed aggressive behavior towards his son. I told him to give the dog another chance, and to get her fixed. She was in heat at the time. All females get grouchy when they are in heat! Besides, his son can annoy anyone!

  9. Tried the beer, Burnin' Helles, from Anheuser-Busch. It’s only available on tap in Ohio. Great beer. Too bad they don’t plan on bottling it. Too bad that I only had one glass!

  10. Got Indian food for dinner one night. I used to live near 5 Indian restaurants and I miss it. It was really good. I don’t take it for granted any more.

  11. My son started first grade. I got all his school shopping done just a couple of days before. But I did it!

  12. I had to pick up the body and guts of a dead mouse that our new cat, Gracie, caught. While I was proud of her for getting a mouse after living with us for about a week, I didn’t like waking up to a dead mouse in my bedroom.

  13. I got tagged by Spawn of Satan , so now I have to write 5 weird things and tag 5 other people. Don’t be surprised if I tag you!

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K said...

Sounds like a busy week!! That's too bad you got stung by yellow jackets... doesn't sound like fun. Glad you had their nest destroyed.

I am going to have to try Indian food one of these days. I think it would be really good!

Have a great Thursday!!

ms blue said...

Sometimes beer is just better on tap.

Awesome work saving the dog and yuck to the mouse.

Your point #3 made me laugh.

The Shrone said...

Speaking of cats with their unpleasant surprises, yesterday was not good. One barfed on the rug, then the another pooped on and underneath the rug in protestation about the neglected litterbox. Of course they all watched me clean up the poop. I hate working for an audience! LOL!

Anonymous said...

good tt entry! that was one eventful week! mine's up! ;)

Anonymous said...

Have you heard about the "giant yellow jacket nest?!" No kidding. Google it. One filled a car. They're trying to find out what is happening. Sounds like the start of a science fiction reality.

My 13 are late breaking.
I'll do the 5 weird thing meme over the weekend.

Happy Mama to Three said...

Isn't school shopping fun? Good Lordy at the things some teachers think their class is absolutely going to HAVE TO HAVE.

My TT are up and running

Anonymous said...

It is amazing what we find when we weed :)
One day whilst weeding I found a huge cucumber!

my list is up

Beckadoodles said...

Great've been busy!

Love your blog too, I share a couple of your 5 wierd things. Pets names are sooo much easier to remember!

Trish Ess said...

Sorry to hear about the yellow-jackets.. they're nasty. I think they're the sociopaths of the insect world. I like Kellerman, too! :) Glad you saved the dog. My son doesn't go back to school until after labour day.. I don't think he's looking forward to going as much as I'm looking forward to him going. LOL. Thanks for doing his tag, by the way. He's really getting into blogging because of people like you. Thanks again!

The Polarizer said...

I only came to your website to see who was sponsoring Peter Gyulavary, who I was going to pay tribute to. Having read your site, I am glad a good human being is paying tribute to him.

I have never met Peter, but I used to work with his twin brother Paul and he did mention a few things about his brother.

If you don't know anything about Peter, here are a few details that I know.

Peter was born in Melbourne, Australia. Peter was apparently one of the few victims whose body was recovered. His brother, Paul, was interviewed in a half-hour special on the Australian ABC network on September 11 2002.

Peter had been working in the states since the mid-nineties and loved being their.

Thank you for your tribute and I will pass on word to his twin brother.

Yours Al

Maribeth said...

Friggin yellow jackets got me in my garden too! Oh I hate those things!