Thursday, June 08, 2006

Thursday 13: Phrases That I Find Irritating

Okay, you asked for it!

  1. Have a blessed day.” –Many things that people do are well intentioned, yet assumes that their audience shares their exact belief. That’s where this phrase comes in. It’s sneaking in a Christian blessing! What if I don’t want me or my day to be blessed? What if I’d rather have a Birkat ha-Hammah (a Jewish blessing) (I am not Jewish). What if I’m just hoping for a good day, let alone a blessed day.

  2. “Enclosed, please find . . . .” (as seen in business letters). What, did you hide something? You mean I have to search for your enclosure?

  3. “Can I ask you a question?” - You just did, but you are more than welcome to ask another question.

  4. “Let’s touch base.” – (Business jargon). Sorry, I don’t play baseball.

  5. “Git-r-done.” – Do I even have to explain?

  6. LOL – Caught you! A lot of people use this, but are you really Laughing Out Loud? How many times have we used this when we really didn’t LOL? Come on, admit it!

  7. “Liberal Media” – I hate the fact that the word “liberal” has become, to some people, a derogative term to label people or institutions that are not conservative. Liberal, in my definition, means “free thinking” or “open minded”. The media, on the other hand, is not liberal in that definition. For the most part, they are more entertainment reporters with a little smattering of news.

  8. “Support our Troops” – I preface this by saying that of course I support our troops, even if I hate the fact that they are forced to go into active duty. But I dislike the magnetic yellow ribbons that people stick to the back of their cars, SIDEWAYS. Stephen T. Banko III said it better then I can: “We now live in a bumper sticker world where the only truths we accept are those simplistic enough to fit on an 18-inch adhesive placard.”

  9. "Breaking news" – The news media use this too much. In recent times, I’ve noticed that they use this everyday to indicate their most exciting stories, whether or not it is actually “breaking news.” Breaking news should be the news that is happening right then—the kind of news that they don’t have all the information yet but can’t wait to tell you!

  10. “Just you wait” – When strangers are talking to me about my children. I guess they are trying to warn me that things will get bad when my children turn double digits.

  11. “Girlfriend” – Especially said to me by someone I don’t even know! Okay, okay, I know they are referring to the solidarity of the female gender.
  12. “At the end of the day” – Just annoys me, I don’t know why. I am not a fan of unnecessary prepositional phrases.
  13. “Note to self.” – What, are you so stupid that you have to write little notes to yourself? What about love notes? What about Dear John letters to yourself? Actually, I think that whoever says this out loud is actually wanting whoever listens to help them remember something. “Note to self: don’t forget to blog about this topic.”

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    Carmen said...

    Yep, I really laugh out loud when I type LOL, but it doesn't take much. :) And I've got so much on my mind, that I have notes to myself posted everywhere! Duh.

    lisa said...

    Nice list - some of those things really are annoying.

    Anonymous said...

    Right on, Amy!

    A blessed day is a lot of pressure. Although, "Blessed Be" is also a Wiccan saying.

    I haven't been able to bring myself to type LOL. I just say Ha Ha.

    Everytime I hear "Support the Troops" I think of "Got Milk" or "Where's the Beef." I think it's a lazy way to avoid real dialouge on a complicated subject.

    The Shrone said...

    I agree with many of these phrases as being irritating, and used well beyond their intended (if there is an intention) meaning.

    It reminds me of the toy commericals as a child. I had no idea what the phrase "Some assembly required" really meant, which probably says more about me.

    My TT is up!

    Anonymous said...

    I don't like the phrase, "needless to say" ... hey ... then don't say it, you know? Thanks for visiting me today :-)

    Anonymous said...

    I so agree with you- of course, I'm easily annoyed!