Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Greeting from Creekistan!

When me and my family moved from an urban apartment into a rural "wilderness" house, we didn't quite know what we were getting into. We knew it would be rough, but what adventures would we have in store for us?

Join me in reliving our adventures and hearing about our trials, tests, fun, and adjustments to this new way of living.

All in all, we are enjoying our adventure. Having our own house and our own piece of beautiful forest land is well worth all the trials and tribulations. We have lots of stories to tell and adventures to share. Eventually, we hope to have a welcoming place where our friends and family can come to stay, whether its to camp on our 10 acres of land, or to stay in our house.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Amy Black and Family,
What a trip your family is on, I hear alot about it from your mother of course but reading your blog was more fun. Keep it up! Know there is always room for you in Milford when you need a break from all that country living!